LCF Sacramento Summit Reflections

On May 15th, I had the privilege of being part of a historic Summit called by the Latino Community Foundation in Sacramento. After careful work at meetings held across the state, LCF was able to assemble a diverse group of Latino Leaders to continue an important discussion on a California Latino Agenda.

Our Latino community, which is far from monolithic in its make-up and it’s opinions, is coming together to use its influence – from our formal positions to our sheer numbers to begin to define California for the future. The demographic shift predicted in the Hudson Institutes Workforce 2000 report is well underway and the face of America and particularly California has and will continue to change. Now, we should be focused on the business of making sure that the opportunities for education, careers and political participation reflects the new demographic realities.

As I sat with new and old colleagues and we engaged in frank discussions about balancing the needs for immigration reforms, securing opportunities for our Dreamers to realize their potential with the needs of those of us whose families have been in California for several generations. I was moved by the energy and strong convictions I heard in our conversations.

As the LCF assembles our initial conclusions on the Latino Agenda one thing is clear – we will be moving this agenda forward. The last Presidential election made it clear that we are here and we vote. We will be working with our local communities and we will continue to come back to Sacramento to make sure the governor and the legislature understand our agenda and the benefits it will produce for California.

I was personally inspired by the openness of those at the Sacramento Summit. Leaders candidly shared their personal stories and their concerns and opportunities for advancing important Latino issues. Our leaders are dedicated to creating a better future for Latino communities where they live and work.

As someone from the philanthropic world, I recognize and applaud the vision and the hard work of the Latino Community Foundation.

Mil Gracias,

Diane Sanchez

Diane Sanchez| Director of Community Investment
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