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Meet Yeybi Mendoza, an unaccompanied minor from Quiche, Guatemala. In these photos, she is celebrating her asylum with her lawyer, Barbara Pinto. Yeybi has had to endure unspeakable violence and an equally difficult journey to find her extended family in the United States. Everything changed the day she walked into Centro Legal de la Raza in Oakland. “My lawyer Barbara and Centro Legal saved my life” she expressed with tears of joy and gratitude.

Yeybi is now learning English and attending Oakland International High School. She loves to sing, play guitar, and was recently reunited with her mother and sister. With support from her family and new community, Yeybi will have the opportunity to realize her dreams. Her spirit is strong and her smile is contagious.

Barbara Pinto, Yeybi’s lawyer, is an equally inspiring woman who came here undocumented from Venezuela at the age of two. Pinto is the recipient of the prestigious Abascal Fellowship at UC Hasting College of Law. She has dedicated her career and life’s passion to supporting the dreams and aspirations of immigrants. “I’ve never doubted what I wanted to do. I am honored to be able to represent young women like Yeybi. It is my American Dream” said Barbara.

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