Mi Voto es Mi Voz


Latina Social Entrepreneur Aurora Anaya-Cerda

My grandmother had a dicho for every situation, and if she were alive today, she would say, ‘Tenemos que votar — mas vale prevenir, que lamentar’.

This November 8th, I’m voting because I recognize the power that comes with having a say in the issues that affect my community. My voto es mi voz, and I refuse to stay silent against any candidate that is unfit to lead, instills fear, and plans to implement policies that will cause severe damage to our economy and society.

Since I became involved in campus organizations as an undergraduate student and to this day, my main focus has been to inform first generation high school students that college is an attainable goal. When you are the first in your family to attend college, you bring your family with you—there is so much beauty in that.

When we vote, we bring our community with us. Those of us that have the opportunity to vote must do so for the people in our lives who cannot yet cast a ballot for or against propositions and candidates at the city, state, and national level that can benefit or negatively influence their communities.  

It’s bigger than me. When I think about LA, I think about the people who live here, the people who make this city run. The cooks, the housekeepers, the teachers and students, the abuelitas, the undocumented laborers, the engineers, the entrepreneurs, and the artists. This is my LA.

With so many important issues on the line—education, the environment, small business development, immigration reform, health, gun control, housing, foreign policy—tenemos que votar.

About Aurora Anaya-Cerda

A native Angeleno, Aurora Anaya-Cerda is an entrepreneur, cultural worker, and educator. She founded La Casa Azul Bookstore and is currently an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship Candidate at the USC Marshall School of Business.

To join Aurora in voting this election, register to vote online by going to www.latinos-vote.com or text LATINOS to 384-387 to register! It only takes a few minutes.

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