Our communities deserve equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine along with factual and culturally relevant information. 

The Latino Community Foundation is heeding the words of our Latino-led grassroots nonprofits that are on the ground supporting needs of our communities in real time. We are launching an unprecedented effort to build awareness, invest in education and increase confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine among our community.

Focusing on the Central Valley, Central Coast and Inland Empire we are investing in culturally relevant resources for COVID-19 prevention and vaccination through a network of Promotoras (Community Health Workers) that can serve as trusted community messengers—and implementing a three step action plan:


1. Latino-led Grassroots Outreach

We are mobilizing resources and investing in grassroots leaders in the Central Valley, Inland Empire and other communities hardest hit by COVID-19. These leaders and organizations who are trusted and respected in their communities are the best messengers to help our families access the vaccine.

 2. Multi-Media Outreach

We are partnering with English and Spanish local media outlets to ensure our communities have reliable, factual information about vaccines and where to get vaccinated. Our new social media content, videos, and public service announcements focus on culturally responsive messages about prevention, vaccination, and mental health for and by Latino families.

3. Advocacy

We continue to advocate and work with county and state leaders to ensure our families have equitable, safe access to the vaccines and can learn along with us about the most effective strategies to reach Latino families.




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SAMPLE #1: There is finally hope to end this pandemic. Claim your vaccine now!

SAMPLE #2: I love you all and I want you healthy. Please get vaccinated! Our health is essential Together, we can finally end the pandemic!

SAMPLE #3: I love our culture, our people and above all, I love our strength. That is why I will get vaccinated against COVID-19 and you should too! The side effects are mild but the impact is HUGE. Get vaccinated today. Spread LOVE, not fear.

SAMPLE #4: This year has been very hard. For us too. Together, we are overcoming this. The COVID-19 vaccine is finally here, and it’s our families’ turn! Do your part, help us vaccinate our people.

SAMPLE #5: Young people! Don’t forget to help your parents and grandparents get a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. They need your love and technical support.

SAMPLE #6: Hello Vaccine. Goodbye COVID-19!

SAMPLE #7: For my own health, I will get vaccinated!


EJEMPLO #1: Mi gente — finalmente hay esperanza para terminar con la pandemia ¡Reclama tu vacuna!

EJEMPLO #2: Los quiero a todos y los quiero saludables. Por favor vacúnate! Nuestra salud es esencial ¡Juntos, por fin podemos terminar con la pandemia!

EJEMPLO #3: Amo a nuestra cultura, a nuestra gente y sobre todo, amo nuestra fuerza. Por eso es que me vacunaré contra el COVID-19 y ¡Tu también deberías hacerlo! Los efectos secundarios son leves pero el impacto es ENORME. Vacúnate hoy. Propaga AMOR, no miedo.

EJEMPLO #4: Este año ha sido muy duro. Para nosotros también. Juntos, estamos superando esto. La vacuna contra el COVID-19 finalmente está aquí, ¡y es el turno de nuestras familias! Haz tu parte, ayúdanos a vacunar a nuestra gente.

EJEMPLO #5: ¡Jovenes! No olviden de ayudarle a sus padres y abuelos conseguir una cita de vacunación contra el COVID-19. Necesitan su amor y apoyo técnico.

EJEMPLO #6: Hola Vacuna! Adios COVID!

EJEMPLO #7: Por mi bienestar, me voy a vacunar.