In our most difficult moments, we lean on what make us strong. Our generosity. Our culture. Our connection.

Things are tough right now— but so are we. Together, we will get through this.

Those are the opening words of our Love Letter to the Latino community. In March, the Latino Community Foundation launched the Love Not Fear Fund to ensure that the most vulnerable Latino communities survive the COVID-19 pandemic and that the nonprofits who serve our families do not cease to exist. It’s time to shed a light on regions with the most essential workers, yet the least philanthropic support.

We’re prepared to stand with our organizations in this difficult time with love, generosity, and investment. Our funding will support grassroots Latino-led organizations, serving rural communities with strong ties to the undocumented Latino families they serve. We trust they are best equipped to respond to this crisis—they are nimble, resourceful and as always have quickly pivoted their services to meet the challenges working families face due to COVID-19. Modeled after our Just Recovery campaign our Love Not Fear fund is a 3 Phase Approach for Immediate and Long-term Solutions.


The fund is providing immediate relief to Latino-led organizations. We trust they are best equipped to respond to this crisis—they are the community. The staff who run these nonprofits have parents who are farmworkers and children who dream of going to college. In the first phase of Love Not Fear, we’ve distributed to 47 organizations to support their tireless work of meeting the immediate needs of our community.


Will focus on strengthening the nonprofit capacity of our anchor organizations, LCF will award grants that align with LCF’s long-term goals of building civic and economic power in Latino communities. Building resiliency, advocating for public investment in local infrastructure (public health, health, jobs), and investing in economic opportunities require that Latino-led organizations are healthy and strong anchors in their communities.


We have a bigger opportunity to make lasting change—we can and will unite our community to address the root causes of this economic crisis. This final phase of Love Not Fear fund will ensure that grassroots organizing wins a new vision for the future—so that our communities aren’t forced back to the status quo after the pandemic. The focus will be on civic engagement and building lasting power.

Join us today to support the Love Not Fear Fund.



Provides funding for Latino-led organizations working with families impacted by wage loss

Focuses on the Central Valley, Inland Empire and rural Communities with greatest digital divide

Offers resources and coaching for nonprofits

Provides a direct line to frontline leaders to deepen those relationships

Advocates for undocumented families and farmworkers

Amplifies stories of the Latino community through media partners


ACT for Women and Girls | Tulare County

ACT is a reproductive justice organization in the Central Valley building power through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and policy change in our community. ACT has been tirelessly working to support teen moms by providing diapers, resources, and much needed mental health access for all, including LGBTQ youth who don’t feel welcomed or safe at home.


Alianza Coachella Valley | Inland Empire

Alianza Coachella Valley is a coalition based in the Eastern Coachella Valley that exists to engage its residents to lead efforts for lasting community change. Their investments and organizing in predominantly low-income Latino communities include bringing new parks, paved roads, public transit, representation, and affordable health care services. Alianza is supporting families during COVID-19 by partnering with food banks to provide door-to-door food distribution and sharing critical resources for immigrant families.


 Alliance for Youth Achievement | Santa Clara County

AYA focuses on creating connections between people, neighborhoods, and cultures in order to highlight their similarities rather than their differences. They provide opportunities for individuals to find their voice by using science, technology, engineering, art, and math to create connections, build creative confidence, and inspire them to be confident drivers of educational excellence.


Alliance San Diego | San Diego County

Alliance San Diego is a community empowerment organization doing local work of national significance in the fields of civic engagement, human rights, educational equity, and tax and fiscal policy. They empower diverse people and organizations to engage more effectively in their communities and civic process to create a San Diego where all people can achieve their full potential.


ApoYolo (Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network) | Yolo County

ApoYolo supports Spanish-speaking immigrant families that are most vulnerable in Yolo County. ApoYolo works with trusted bilingual volunteers to provide accurate information about the virus, government and nonprofit resources, and financial assistance to those experiencing loss of income.


Ayudando Latinos a Soñar (ALAS) | San Mateo County

ALAS is a Latino centered non-profit that began as a grassroots program in 2011. Their programs initiated with cultural arts and have grown to include culturally centered mental health services, wrap around case management, immigration and social justice advocacy as well as educational programs.


Arte Americas the Mexican Arts Center | Fresno County

One of the largest non-profit Latinx cultural centers in California. Celebrating Latinx history, arts, and culture since 1987.


Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation | Bay Area

Catalino Tapia arrived in the US with $6 in his pockets. For years he worked as a gardener—and now, he is growing the next generation of community leaders through the Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation. They are committed to providing scholarships to students facing significant financial barriers, with actualizing their college goals.


Blacks Making a Difference (BMAD) | Sacramento County

Blacks Making a Difference (BMAD) is a youth mentoring and advocacy leadership group that provides intensive supports to Black students throughout the Sacramento Region. BMAD provides young people with the guidance needed to explore their identity as Black youth, while encouraging young people to reexamine negative stereotypes.


Brown Bag Coalition | Imperial County

A non-profit consisting of an awesome group of caring individuals trying to make a difference in the lives of the homeless population in Calexico by providing dinner every day. They rely on donations from the community & businesses. Always accepting food sponsors.


Brown Issues | Statewide

Brown Issues is cultivating the next generation of Brown Leaders through civic engagement, social emotional health support, and narrative change throughout college campuses in California.


 California Farmworkers Foundation | Kern County  

California Farmworkers Foundation (CFF) provides direct services to farmworkers by creating partnerships between agricultural companies and healthcare organizations across the State of California to advance several public health initiatives for farmworkers. They have been steadfast in organizing to provide farmworkers and their families with COVID-19 information hotlines, food distribution to combat food insecurity, on-site education and awareness, and a relief fund.


California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance | Statewide

CIYJA is a statewide immigrant youth-led alliance that strengthens local and statewide grassroots organizing efforts to build collective power and advance pro-immigrant policies. Their COVID-19 response includes supporting undocumented members not eligible to receive federal funds due to their status, ending immigration detention, and maintaining the “Power Not Panic Undocumented Resource” guide.


CAUSE | Ventura County

Central Coast Alliance United for A Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) serves working-class and immigrant families by building grassroots power through community organizing, coalition building, civic engagement, policy research, and advocacy. CAUSE is responding to community needs around COVID-19 with bilingual resources on housing and worker’s rights and are leaders in re-activating the 805 UndocuFund.


Center for Farmworker Families | Central Coast

The center’s mission is to promote awareness about the difficult life circumstances of farmworker families while proactively inspiring improvement in binational family life both in the United States and in Mexico.


Central Coast Center for Farmworker | Central Coast

The Central Coast Center for Farmworker Families works to inspire the improvement in education and promotes financial well-being and independence. In response to the public health crisis, they provide direct financial support to farmworkers and their families for groceries, rent, and utilities.


Central Valley Healing Collective | Santa Cruz County

Central Valley Healing Collective is a union of healers, advocates and visionary leaders who joined forces to identify and mobilize the healing assets to benefit rural communities which are often excluded from high quality & holistic emotional, mental and spiritual care. The collective hosts free public healing clinics throughout the region- spanning from Merced down to Bakersfield. The most recent healing clinic was offered online and included wellness workshops, herbal medicine guidance, counseling, yoga, and community support to cope with COVID-19.


Central Valley Mutual Aid Fund | Central Valley

 Central Valley Mutual Aid Fund is a grassroots collective established in response to the emerging needs of communities disproportionately affected by the public health and economic crisis. The fund provides direct financial support for undocumented, mixed status, at-risk, senior, and BIPOC families in the San Joaquin Valley.


Centro Binacional para el Desarrollo Indigena Oaxaqueno (CBDIO) | Fresno and Madera Counties

CBDIO is an organization that promotes and strengthens civic participation, economic, social, cultural development and resistance of indigenous communities. CBDIO is providing critical translation of COVID-19 resources and essential support to indigenous residents in the Central Valley.


Centro La Familia | Fresno County

Centro La Familia Advocacy Services empowers families to obtain life sustaining resources. They advocate, share resources and assist families through health and wellness programs, support to survivors of domestic violence, immigration services, and parent education.


CHISPA Education Fund  | Orange County

Chispa Education Fund promotes and fosters transformative, intersectional organizing among young Latinxs in Orange County, California in order to uproot systems of oppression and cultivate systems grounded in community accountability, solidarity, and self-determination for all Latinxs to thrive.


Community Center for Arts and Technology (CCAT) | Fresno County

CCAT offers technology-based and cultural education to underserved youth and their families in Fresno and rural communities of the Central Valley. CCAT has been steadfast in distributing food to elders, sewing masks for farmworkers, and providing cash assistance to undocumented families who have experienced wage loss.


Cultiva La Salud | Fresno County

Cultiva La Salud is dedicated to creating health equity by promoting healthy eating and active living. One of their key programs titled “Poderosas y Amorosas” works with immigrant women in Fresno on health, empowerment, and leadership. As part of COVID-19 response they are focusing on providing healthy food delivery, medical supplies, and weekly check-ins with immigrant women over the age of 65 who may have a limited family support.


Dev/Mission | Bay Area

Dev/Mission focuses on creating tech opportunities for young adults ages 16-24 through technology training programs, youth development, and leadership opportunities. In response to the public health crisis, Dev/Mission established an emergency fund that directly supports low-income children, youth, and young adults of color and their families with cash assistance and access to technology.


DigitalNEST | Central Coast

DigitalNEST connects youth to a skill-building community that transforms them into professionals who can create successful careers, innovative solutions, and prosperous communities.


Dolores Huerta Foundation | Kern County & Central Valley

Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF) is a community organization that empowers farmworker families and immigrant communities to be change agents. DHF organizes youth, adults and elders to pursue social justice by engaging and developing natural community leaders. The organization is supporting families with immediate relief as well as organizing to address the systemic inequities in the Valley.


El/La Para Translatina | Bay Area

El/La Para Translatinas works to protect and support transLatinas against violence, abuse and illness, and in fully realizing their dreams. They provide education, advocacy, and leadership opportunities for the transLatina community in the Bay area. They are supporting each other during this health and economic crisis by sharing resources and ensuring community wellbeing.


Every Neighborhood Partnership | Fresno County

Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) equips and empowers community members to be change agents in their own neighborhoods. ENP connect churches and other community partners with elementary schools and works with parents to support the development of healthy communities. ENP is serving as a critical partner in providing food, literacy training, and coordination of critical resources for low-income families in greatest need.


ExpresArte Wellness Collective | Tulare

Expresarte is a project that is increasing access to mental health services. They work with rural residents who might identify as queer, trans, disabled, bicultural, binational, and undocumented. They explore different modalities of healing such as circles, dancing, and art making. ExpresArte has launched virtual circles since COVID-19 to support ongoing healing programs such as “Not Your Mom’s Support Group” — which creates healing space for folks with chronic illness or disabilities.


Faith in the Valley | Central Valley

Faith in the Valley (FIV) advances a movement for racial, economic, and environmental justice in local communities by building skills and leadership capacity of residents to lead transformational change. FIV is a faith-based nonprofit that has a deep presence in the region. They are responding to immediate needs while also leading critical advocacy around tenant rights, criminal justice reform, and immigrant rights.


Fathers and Families of San Joaquin | San Joaquin County

Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ) is a progressive community organization working on the front lines of racial justice, community healing, trauma informed healing, community re-entry and more in the city of Stockton. FFSJ has taken quick action to deliver food and medicine to elders, to provide additional mental health access, and to advocate tirelessly for criminal justice reform and housing rights.


Fresno Barrios Unidos | Fresno County

Fresno Barrios Unidos provides unconditional support, love and guidance for youth, young adults and their families in Fresno. FBU offers critical leadership development training, mental health access and advocacy centering the voices and leadership of those most impacted by violence and intergenerational poverty. FBU is supporting youth and their families during COVID-19 by providing basic needs and access to culturally rooted programming that helps people heal.


Imperial Valley Equity & Justice Coalition | Imperial Valley

The coalition advocates for community empowerment, social & environmental justice, and health equity in the Imperial valley regions.


InnerCity Struggle | Los Angeles

Inner City Struggle organizes to find solutions to community crises by bringing together parents, youth, residents, and advocates. InnerCity Struggle responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by advocating on behalf of vulnerable tenants in the Los Angeles area. They have also established a campaign to close the digital divide for students in the Los Angeles Unified School District as schools move to online learning.


Instituto Familiar de la Raza | San Francisco County

Serving over 6,000 Latinos each year, IFR provides health & wellness programs & services targeting the San Francisco Latino community.


La Coalicion Del La Buena Salud y Bienestar Comunitario | Imperial Valley

La Coalicion de La Buena Salud y Bienestar Comunitario is a coalition serving families in the Imperial Valley with COVID testing, immigrant economic assistance, personal protective equipment for farmworkers, and basic needs like food and housing. They are also building power in a historically underserved area of the state to advocate for long term policy change that supports working families.


La Cooperative Campesina | Central Valley & Statewide

La Cooperativa Campesina is a statewide association of nonprofits implementing and administering innovative programs to improve and support the lives of California’s farmworkers, their families, and rural communities. La Cooperativa Campesina’s member agencies are providing emergency services that include housing assistance, workforce training, community food banks, childcare, and other critical resources.


The Latino Commission | Tulare County

The Latino Commission (TLC) is a leader in providing culturally rooted healing interventions for individuals and low-income Latino families that work in agriculture. TLC provides “La Cultura Cura/Culture Cures” afterschool programs and access to critical leadership development services for the whole family. During COVID-19, their services in the rural community of Cutller-Orosi are more important than ever.


Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability | Central Valley & Inland Empire

Leadership Counsel fundamentally shifts the dynamics that have created the stark inequality that impacts California’s low income, rural regions. Based in the San Joaquin and Eastern Coachella Valleys, they work alongside the most impacted communities to advocate for sound policy and eradicate injustice to secure equal access of wealth, race, income, and place.


 Lideres Campesinas | Central Valley

Lideres Campesinas is a farmworker leadership network that empowers and strengthens women and girls to be agents of economic, social, and political change and ensure their human rights. Lideres Campensinas provides leadership development and education to farmworkers and their families. The organization’s leaders are working to protect farmworker safety amid COVID-19 by ensuring they have access to potentially lifesaving information.


LOUD For Tomorrow | Kern County

LOUD For Tomorrow is creating an environment where youth can exercise their power through civic engagement, advocacy, & community healing.


Manos Unidas de South Modesto | Stanislaus County

A group of residents in south Modesto that have come together with shared interest to improve their community utilizing our strengths and resources.


Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. | San Francisco County

Mission Neighborhood Centers serves over 3000 low-income seniors, youth and families at 11 sites throughout San Francisco. With a legacy dating back over 100 years. They are creating communities are resilient and vibrant where everyone participates, prospers, and succeeds.


Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project, | Ventura County

MICOP unites indigenous leaders and allies to strengthen the Mixtec and indigenous immigrant community in Ventura County, estimated at 20,000 people.


Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) | Statewide

MUA is a grassroots organization of Latina immigrant women with a double mission of promoting personal transformation and building community power for social and economic justice.


Native Sisters Circle | Sacramento County

Provides culturally rich education and support providing exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities to youth in the greater Sacramento area.


Nuestra Casa of East Palo Alto | San Mateo County

Nuestra Casa works to uplift Latino families in East Palo Alto through community organizing and leadership development. Nuestra Casa uses collective power to shape policies and programs to make communities more equitable, prosperous, and healthy. They are operating a food bank, serving needs of parents, and working with undocumented families to address wage loss and rental assistance.


One Day At a Time (ODAT) | East Contra Costa County

One Day at a Time (ODAT) is a community anchor in the East Contra Costa County that offers low-income youth a supportive network of peers, opportunities for educational and personal growth, and empowers them to lead positive lives. ODAT is support young people by coordinating with the local school district, offering food, coaching and sharing critical resources.


Pequeños Empresarios | Madera County

Pequeños Empresarios educates and mentors elementary school aged children about entrepreneurship through various workshops in Spanish to develop their connections to community, to honor their cultural heritage, and to improve familial bonds. They improve self-esteem, knowledge in finance, and build live long learners. During COVID-19, they are supporting low-income families with educational workshops and mental health outreach and support.


 PIQE | Fresno & Statewide

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) is a nationwide organization with a strong statewide presence in California. PIQE provides families with the knowledge and skills to partner with schools and communities to ensure their children achieve their full potential. In response to COVID-19, they are supporting California families with online connectivity and navigation, bridging families to resources, and helping families re-engage and transition to distance learning.


POWER CA | Statewide

Power California harnesses the energy of young voters of color and their families to create a state that is equitable, inclusive, and just for everyone who call California home.


Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos | Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos is an anchor organization that promotes peace, multicultural social justice, economic equity, and community healing. Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos is supporting the Latino community during this crisis by offering weekly food distribution, housing support, and access to culturally rooted community healing.


School of Arts and Culture at MPH | Santa Clara County

The Mexican Heritage Plaza (MHP) is a uniquely designed cultural facility located in the Mayfair neighborhood of east San Jose, a predominantly Mexican American neighborhood. They envision a world where creativity inspires compassion and vibrant communities.


Services and Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) | Santa Clara County

SIREN works to empower immigrants and refugees through community education and organizing, policy advocacy, civic engagement and low-cost and or free legal services. SIREN’s advocacy, bi-lingual resources and immigrant support is critical during this time.


SOMOS Mayfair | Santa Clara County

SOMOS Mayfair builds community power in East San José through leadership development and by organizing around resident-led solutions.


St. Francis Center of Redwood City | San Mateo County

The St. Francis Center began providing food, clothing, and other essential services for “working poor” families out of a small house in the Fair Oaks neighborhood. The center now focuses on providing essential services so that families have everything they need to live with dignity.


South Modesto Partnerships | Stanislaus County

South Modesto Partnerships develops powerful networks between South Modesto local residents, faith-based institutions, and community leaders to promote healthy lifestyles, economic mobility, and STEAM education for low-income youth. They are working to meet the immediate needs of low-income families and to support parents with critical information and resources.


Tenants Together | Statewide

Tenants Together is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.


The Women’s Building | San Francisco County

The Women’s Building is guided by the belief that all women and girls have the right to safe, joyous and creative lives. Embodying that belief, The Women’s Building is a safe and welcoming place that facilitates the wellbeing of women, girls and families.


Time for a Change Foundation | Inland Empire

Time for a Change Foundation works to empower and provides housing and family life support for low-income individuals and families across California. TFCF established a COVID-19 fund to support families with rent, utilities, food, and necessities.


TODEC Legal Center | Riverside County

TODEC works to empower disenfranchised immigrant communities in the Inland Empire to become economically, socially, and civically self-sufficient while enhancing individual self-esteem and community health. TODEC provides immigration legal services, community education, leadership development and more. They are offering food, critical resources, and actively advocating for improved health policies.


UFW Foundation | Central Valley & Statewide

United Farmworkers (UFW) Foundation works to empower immigrant farmworker communities by providing creating access to credible immigration legal advice, and educational outreach and leadership development training. They are serving thousands of meals with the intent to engage farmworkers, leading advocacy for families in ICE Detention Centers, and Latinos in the democratic process. working closely with agricultural companies in the region to ensure safety and wellbeing for workers.


Unidos Por la Música | Inland Empire

Unidos Por La Musica serves the Inland Empire by providing low-income and undocumented communities with resources to be self-sufficient. UPLM provides educational training, music classes, food pantry programs, and access to health care. In response to COVID-19, UPLM has created a food delivery program and a drive-thru food pantry.


The Unity Council | Alameda

The Unity Council promotes social equity and improves the quality of life for immigrants in Oakland by providing critical resources to advance. The Unity Council was steadfast in responding to COVID-19 by creating a fund to provide direct cash assistance, food distribution, and housing support for low-income families, immigrants, and communities of color in areas ranging from Oakland to Concord.


Urbanists Collective | Statewide

The collective promotes the professional expansion of urban-influenced art careers within the community through art education, demonstration, and outreach.


Valley Verde | Santa Clara County

Valley Verde’s Community Food System promotes healthy eating and provides food access and micro-entrepreneurship training to low-income families of San José/Silicon Valley.


Victory in Praise | Stockton

Victory in Praise is a church and community center in Stockton, California that delivers trusted information regarding the pandemic, resources, and best practices for staying safe and healthy. A fund was established to aid Black and Latino families experiencing hardship amid the public health crisis and its economic fallout.


West Modesto Community Collaborative | Stanislaus County

West Modesto Community Collaborative is a community based not for profit organization that believes in the strength of the community residents to come together for effective change. With diversity and common concerns at the core, the Collaborative views involvement of men and women of different backgrounds and ethnicity as a high priority in improving the health and safety of the community.


West Side Youth | Fresno County

West Side Youth is a multi-service center that connects residents to wholesome activities and valuable programming in Mendota, a farmworking community rural Fresno. They work with youth and immigrant families by providing a food pantry, warm meals, and organizing residents to advocate for more services.


Western Service Workers Association | Sacramento

Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) is a volunteer-run membership association built to advance all low-wage worker rights and economic justice. WSWA is supporting the local community’s immediate needs while pursuing and fighting for long-term solutions. WSWA’s programs provide direct relief through emergency food distribution, preventative medical care, non-emergency dental care, legal advice, and more. 


Youth Alliance | San Benito County

Youth Alliance (YA) is an anchor organization in the Hollister, Gilroy & Aromas, and San Juan Bautista area that guides and challenges Latino youth to realize their professional and civic potential through after-school, summer, prevention programs, bilingual counseling, case management, and community engagement. During COVID-19, YA’s bilingual/bicultural staff are delivering diapers to teen parents, offering mental health support, conducting critical advocacy and sharing all regional resources with low-income families.


Phase II Grantees

99Rootz (PowerCA) | Central Valley

99Rootz is a program of Power California, building a network of young people and their families of color to harness the energy of young voters to transform California into a state that is equitable and inclusive. The youth-led program impacts rural communities along highway 99 by lifting up their voices, leading get out the vote efforts and grassroots organizing, as well as creating space for healing grounded in art and culture.


South Kern Sol | Kern County

South Kern Sol is a youth-led organization that trains youth to engage in journalism and use their voice and lived-experience to report on important issues that are impacting their community. South Kern Sol shines a light on issues like access to healthcare, safe drinking water, and equitable distribution of funds to schools in low-income areas.


Immigrants Rising | Bay Area/Statewide

Immigrants Rising empowers and create a bright future for undocumented youth through education, community building, access to mental health resources and entrepreneurship. Their programs include financial and educational support for undocumented students, fellowships, and opportunities to share personal stories that create space for healing.


Centro Community Partners | Stockton

Centro Community Partners works to create socioeconomic change through business advisory services and leadership programs to up and coming underserved entrepreneurs. Centro’s programs work to break the cycle of poverty and build strong communities from efficient and successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Mi Familia Vota | Central Valley

Mi Familia Vota promotes social and economic justice through voter registration, citizen workshops, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota educates, mobilizes and empowers all pillars of Latino communities on issues that include worker’s rights, education, environment, healthcare, immigration, and voting rights.


Your contribution to the Love Not Fear Fund will allow leaders like Armando from CCAT and Luz from TODEC, and their teams, to remain brave and bold as they meet the growing needs of their communities. That means families like Juana’s will have the support they need to get through this crisis and to help others.

We can’t imagine the world beyond the pandemic because we haven’t created it yet. But together, we will build that world rooted in love, not fear.



On April 7th, the Latino Community Foundation featured four community partners directly on the frontlines serving the Latino Community. Watch the full video below.

MODERATOR: Masha V. Chernyak, Vice President of Programs, Latino Community Foundation

CLOSING REMARKS: Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, CEO, Latino Community Foundation


Maricela Gutierrez, Executive Director, SIREN

Armando Valdez, Founder & Executive Director, Community Center for the Arts and Technology

Samuel Nuñez, Founder & Executive Director, Fathers & Families of San Joaquin

Luz Gallegos, Executive Director, TODEC Legal Center