As the largest ethnic group, Latinos have a vital and powerful role to play in our State and nation.

7 million

Latinos eligible to vote in CA

Latinos in CA makeup the largest voting bloc in the country. They have the power to shape and advance a policy agenda that is equitable and just.


Latinos turn 18 each year

Latino millennials are ready to get involved. Investing in their civic and political participation will strengthen our country and state’s democracy.


of Latinos are Registered to Vote

It’s time to mobilize the Latino vote. This requires year round investments in engaging, educating, and registering eligible voters.


LCF invests in civic leadership, facilitates conversations between community leaders and policy makers, mobilizes the Latino vote, and leads a California Latino Agenda. Our ultimate goal is to increase civic leadership and political participation to strengthen California’s democracy.

Our annual Latino Policy Summit brings together more than 300 community leaders to discuss policy solutions with key decision makers in Sacramento. LCF organizes over 50 legislative visits annually to strengthen these relationships and inform local representatives on solutions for change. Throughout the year, LCF also hosts a series of Community Conversaciones to unite Latinos in the corporate, nonprofit, and public sector.  In 2016, LCF launched the Yo Voy A Votar ¿Y Tú? campaign to mobilize the Latino vote. The campaign has reached 8 million people and registered thousands of first time voters.