Be a change-maker by supporting your community through your own donor-advised fund.

Set up your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at LCF! Leverage our expertise and experience in working with Latino leaders and communities.  We will work with you to realize your vision for the Latino community.

When you establish your DAF will us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible Charitable Giving Vehicle: You make irrevocable charitable contributions of cash or appreciated securities to the LCF Donor-Advised Fund Program now and recommend grants to charity now or later.

Simplicity: Donors enjoy simple, comprehensive administration of their philanthropic planning.

A single contribution to the LCF Donor-Advised Fund Program can benefit multiple nonprofits while requiring only one tax substantiation letter and no check-writing on your part.

Immediate Tax Benefits: You receive an immediate dollar-for-dollar charitable federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value (up to the maximum allowed by law) for contributions to a donor-advised fund at LCF, a tax-exempt public nonprofit, and are not subject to capital gains tax on the appreciated value of securities contributed.

Grantmaking Expertise: LCF staff can provide expertise and up-to-date information about Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations in the state of California. LCF can provide research and docket preparation for you upon request, and assist in creating an individual strategic giving plan aligned with your values and interests.

Enhanced Giving Power: Any potential growth in assets within a donor-advised fund is tax-free, offering the potential for greater charitable grants in the future.

LCF sponsors events and provides other opportunities for donor advisors to share experiences, leverage funding, and learn about work being done in specific areas of interest.

Grant Recommendations: While the tax deduction is taken immediately, you may recommend grants to charitable organizations of your choice throughout the life of your fund.

Family Involvement: You may involve your family in the charitable giving process by naming successor advisors, while avoiding the complexity of managing a private foundation.

Contact Marcela Muñiz, Senior Philanthropic Advisor, for more information on how to start a donor-advised fund.