In 2019, LCF will host its most important Latino Policy Summit yet.

This is a monumental year to prepare California’s Latino community for the 2020 Presidential Election and the 2020 Census. As the largest Latino voting bloc in the nation at 7.7 million eligible voters, we have the responsibility to advocate for meaningful change in our state and country. Influencing the outcome of this election is critical and Latinos have the power to do so.

Latinos will also play a pivotal role in ensuring California gets its fair share of representation and funding to meet the growing needs of our state. From Los Angeles and the Bay Area to the rural areas of the Central Valley, let’s make sure all Latinos are ready to be counted in the 2020 Census to secure these rights for our communities and state.

Immediately following the Summit, we will bring the power of our community to the State Capitol by visiting the legislators we elected to represent our interests. After the Legislative Visits, all Summit attendees are invited to re-connect and convene with attendees and members of the Latino Legislative Caucus at the Latino Leadership Reception at Cafeteria 15L at 5 pm.


For the last four years, LCF has convened the largest Latino Policy Summit in Sacramento. LCF brings together community leaders, advocates, decision-makers, donors, and funders to discuss policy solutions that will positively impact Latino communities in California.

This year’s Latino Policy Summit was the best one yet. Our Attorney General Xavier Becerra kicked off the morning with a reminder that when we step up to the plate, we must play to win! We can’t wait to have someone walk us to first base, we have to be hitters! Wendy Carrillo, who ran for Becerra’s Congressional seat in LA echoed his sentiment – reminding us that we don’t need an invitation to get involved in civic leadership. We live in a democracy and we must be bold, fearless and unapologetic.

Politics is personal. Public policies affect our families and communities. All of our speakers, panelists and awardees brought a deep sense of self, family, and culture – rooted in strength and great pride. Together, we marched to the capitol and met with our Legislative leaders. A group of eleven young people met with Pro Tem De Leon and Senator Ricardo Lara – two brave and visionary California leaders who encouraged our youth to stay focused and to stay strong. This work is not easy, said Nane Alejandrez, Founder of Barrios Unidos and this year’s Civic Leadership Awardee, “but it will reward you with dignity, honor and respect.”

This is the time to be brave, to run for office, to register your tios and tias, to defend family values and to stand united. We are California, a leader for the nation. “We are the defenders of the American dream” said Senate Pro Tem De Leon, “we must be an exceptional example, a beacon of hope and opportunity for our nation.” If you missed the Summit, you can watch it on Facebook live and stay tuned for our Post-Summit Action items.

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