The Latino Community Foundation is committed to mobilizing the Latino vote. On March 3, help set the California Latino Agenda by electing leaders who represent your values and vote on the propositions that will strengthen the state. With over 7.7 million eligible Latino voters in the state, let’s make our voices heard!


When is the Election?
Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Deadline to Register?
Monday, February 17, 2020


Where can I register?
You can register at the California Secretary of State’s website below



How can I apply to vote by mail?
Visit CA Secretary of State’s website below and submit by February 25, 2020



Where can I vote?
Contact your County Elections office or find a location below



What times are the polls open?
7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Latino Presidential Poll

On November 12, LCF partnered with Latino Decisions to release a statewide poll of Latino registered voters for the 2020 California Presidential Primary. The path to victory is through the Latino community and all campaigns must speak to Latinos directly! See the results here.


Latino Presidential Questionnaire

For the California Democratic Primary, LCF is engaging the presidential candidates to respond to the issues on the minds of all Latinos in the state. With over 7.7M eligible Latino voters in California, we must hear from the candidates on where they stand. View the questionnaire here.


Latino Student Voter Townhalls

LCF is working to bring together Latino nonprofits, advocates, and youth to understand the importance of the 2020 elections through Latino student voter townhalls. LCF has already partnered with institutions like UC Merced and Univision to ensure that our community is heard, especially among Latino students who make up the largest portion of the Latino electorate.


Speaking Up for Latino Voter Participation  

Between now and the 2020 Presidential Election, LCF will continue to elevate the stories of everyday Latinos who are closely watching the presidential race and other important ballot initiatives, races, etc. Now is the time to be heard!


Raising Investments for Latino Nonprofits

LCF will continue to spearhead efforts to increase resources to Latino-led organizations who are working to mobilize the Latino for the March Presidential Primary and 2020 General Election.

Register to Vote

Make sure your friends and family are registered too!


Be part of the solution and join us in the frontlines.


Take action now and invest to safeguard our democracy.