Welcome Home! We are the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the nation. You belong here.  


A Giving Circle is a perfect way to partner with the leaders and organizations at the forefront of the community-driven solutions. Representing diverse cultural, generational, and professional identities, the Latino Giving Circle Network gives each of us the chance to flex our collective power, invest in our community, and grow in our personal and civic leadership. Together, our Network is showing the world the power of generosity, culture, and people-driven social change. Our movement needs YOU. Join today!


Total dollars invested by Latino Giving Circle Network® to Latino-led organizations!


Members mobilized in 10 years!


Latino Giving Circles around California!


Latino-led grassroots nonprofits have been supported by our movement!



Each member contributes a minimum of $1,000 a year (or $85 a month). The Giving Circle collectively chooses their funding and collective action priorities. The LCF team works closely with each Giving Circle to identify Latino-led organizations that align with their priority area and support the Giving Circle’s leaders to facilitate their members participation. At least once a year, each Giving Circle decides where to invest their collective resources. All of this is done over dinner, wine, and an abundance of joy and laughter! We are a movement of leaders ready to take action and invest our time, talent, and resources to lift up the leaders and organizations who help our communities thrive.


Connect with like-minded people that want to make a difference.


Giving together brings us closer to the change our community needs.


You make giving decisions together.


Click below for an overview of each Latino Giving Circle. If you’re interested in initiating a new Giving Circle where we currently don’t have a presence, please complete this form.


Bay Area Men’s Latino Giving Circle

Central Coast Latino Giving Circle

Central Valley Latino Giving Circle

Contra Costa Latinx Giving Circle

East Bay Latina Giving Circle

Entrepreneurship Giving Circle

Inland Empire Latino Giving Circle

Latinos in Healthcare Giving Circle

Latinos in Tech Giving Circle

LGBTQ Latinx Giving Circle

Los Angeles Latino Giving Circle

Orange County Latino Giving Circle

Peninsula Latina Giving Circle

Pleasanton Latina Giving Circle

Sacramento Latino Giving Circle

San Diego Latino Giving Circle

San Francisco Latina Giving Circle

Santa Barbara Latino Giving Circle

Stanislaus Community Latino Giving Circle


Phoenix Latino Giving Circle


Las Vegas Latino Giving Circle


Giving Circles create a safe space where people can show up as their full selves. This provides an opportunity for authentic conversations and presence from the members which creates a special, unique sazón (flavor) in each Giving Circle.  The outcome? A concoction of genuine connection, laughs, good food and real change– shaped by the people who show up.


In addition to the funds they mobilize to local organizations, Giving Circle members extend their impact far beyond the dollars. Through their participation in the Latino Giving Circle Network, members grow in their leadership- joining Boards and Commissions, educating neighbors about the Census, running for office, taking action for just policies, and serving as mentors and advocates within their networks.


Our Giving Circle members have started businesses, hosted conferences for Latinx youth, coached nonprofit Executive Directors, registered voters, signed petitions, made it on redistricting commissions, and advocated for more equitable policies for Latino communities across California. You too can learn how to become more civically engaged through your LGCN membership. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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  • What is a Giving Circle?

    A giving circle is a group of people who pool their resources in order to collectively contribute to issues they deem important to their community. Giving circles provide individual donors the opportunity to make their contributions meaningful by leveraging their resources with others and enhancing the impact of their giving. Giving circles offer members a forum to learn about community issues alongside like-minded individuals and become more informed philanthropists.

  • Why do we need a Latino Giving Circle Network®?

    The Latino Giving Circle Network is one solution to increase the amount of philanthropic dollars invested in Latino-led organizations. Latinos represent the largest ethnic majority in California, yet Latino leaders receive less than 1.1% of all US philanthropic dollars. The Latino Community Foundation is creating a movement of Californians ready to change this reality. The members of the Latino Giving Circle Network stand ready to serve as change agents and invest in solutions that will transform Latino communities.

  • How much money does each member contribute?

    Latino Giving Circle members contribute a minimum of $1,000 per year. The payment can be made in a way that fits your budget. You can give $85 monthly, which is less than $3 a day, $250 quarterly or the entire sum in one payment. LCF welcomes members that are interested in contributing beyond the minimum. The goal is to build a movement of civically minded philanthropists. All contributions are invested entirely in Latino-led organizations.

  • Where does my money go? Who will decide?

    You and the members of your circle will collectively decide. Your group will also determine how the money will be distributed. LCF staff works with giving circles to provide grantmaking advice and execute the decisions of each giving circle. Grants from the circle may go to any non-profit working towards the mission to support vulnerable Latino children and families throughout CA.

  • Will my donation be tax deductible?

    Yes, 90% of your donation is tax deductible. LCF will provide an acknowledgement letter with tax ID for deduction. 10% of the contributions are directed to program costs.

  • How do I join a Latino Giving Circle and/or start my own?

    To join the Latino Giving Circle Network fill out the Enrollment Form here.

    We are always looking to start new Giving Circles, please indicate if you are interested in the form.