Welcome Home! We are the largest network of Latino donors in the nation. You belong here.  


We are the ones we have been waiting for. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, the Latino Giving Circle Network gives each of us the chance to flex our collective power, invest in our community, and grow in our personal and civic leadership.  Over 500 Californians have joined the network so far– together we are showing the world the power of generosity, culture, and people-driven social change.

A Giving Circle is a perfect way to partner with the leaders and organizations at the forefront of the community-driven solutions our people need and engage with others in local civic action. The Network currently includes 19 Giving Circles with more being launched every year and they won’t be the same with your unique talents. Join today!


Total dollars invested by Latino Giving Circle Network® to Latino-led organizations in CA!


Members mobilized in 10 years!


Latino Giving Circles around California!


Latino-led grassroots nonprofits have been supported by our movement!


Each member contributes a minimum of $1,000 a year (or $85 a month). The Giving Circle collectively chooses their funding and collective action priorities. The LCF team works closely with each Giving Circle to identify Latino-led organizations that align with their priority area and support the Giving Circle’s leaders to facilitate their members participation. At least once a year, each Giving Circle decides where to invest their collective resources. All of this is done over dinner, wine, and an abundance of joy and laughter! We are a movement of leaders ready to take action and invest our time, talent, and resources to lift up the leaders and organizations who help our communities thrive.


Connect with like-minded people that want to make a difference.


Giving together brings us closer to the change our community needs.


You make giving decisions together.




Click below for an overview of each Latino Giving Circle and next meeting dates. If you are interested in starting a new Latino Giving Circle, please reach out to us at

Bay Area Men’s Latino Giving Circle

Central Coast Latino Giving Circle

Central Valley Latino Giving Circle

Cisco Conexion Latino Giving Circle

Contra Costa Latinx Giving Circle

Dropbox Latino Giving Circle

East Bay Latina Giving Circle

Latinos in Healthcare Giving Circle

Latinos in Tech Giving Circle

LGBTQ Latinx Giving Circle

Los Angeles Latino Giving Circle

Orange County Latino Giving Circle

Peninsula Latina Giving Circle

Pleasanton Latina Giving Circle

Sacramento Latino Giving Circle

San Francisco Latina Giving Circle

Santa Barbara Latino Giving Circle

South Bay Latino Giving Circle

Stanislaus Community Latino Giving Circle


Giving Circles create a safe space where people can show up as their full selves. This provides an opportunity for authentic conversations and presence from the members which creates a special, unique sazon (flavor) in each Giving Circle.  The outcome? A concoction of genuine connection, laughs, good food and real change– shaped by the people who show up.


In addition to the funds they mobilize to local organizations, Giving Circle members and their impact to far beyond the dollars we invest. Through their participation in the Latino Giving Circle Network, members grow in their leadership- joining organization and public Boards and Commissions, educating their neighbors about the Census, running for office, taking action online and offline for just policies, and serving as mentors and advocates within their professional and community networks.


Our Giving Circle members have started businesses, hosted conferences for Latinx youth, coached nonprofit Executive Directors, registered voters, signed petitions, made it on redistricting commissions, and advocated for more equitable policies for Latino communities across CA. You too can learn how to become more civically engaged through your LGCN membership. We can’t wait to work with you! 



Once a year, the LGCN comes together for a full day retreat to celebrate, strategize and strengthen relationships. This year, over 160 LGCN members came together at Google to celebrate the growth of the LGCN, explore opportunities to expand the collective impact of the network, and deepen the philanthropic committment of each member. LCF brought in outside experts focusing on social impact investment, donor advised funds, wealth management, and tech tools for philanthropy. It was a productive and dynamic day of learning!


  • I love being surrounded by inspiring Latinas making a difference in our community! I also love engaging with grassroots organizations and seeing the amazing work they are doing!

    Katerine Jimenez Pacheco -
  • Individually we are a like drops of water contributing to our community, but together we form a river. It’s that shared passion for uplifting our community that makes the moments in the giving circle the most memorable.

    Bianca Diaz -
  • This Giving Circle is really a Getting Circle. Each time I connect with the Latino Community Foundation, I get inspiración, conexión, un sentido de posibilidad y esperanza!

    Noelle Colomé -
  • I love that I found other Latina professional women who live in the Tri-Valley who are committed to supporting agencies who serve Latinx families in this area.

    Felicitas Bejarano -
  • It feels wonderful to be part of a group of Latino leaders in Stanislaus county that help fund locally led Latino non profit organizations that are making a difference in our community. I also feel honored to be part of the Latino Community Foundation that link California Latinos together for a common cause- Latinos helping Latinos.

    Stella Moya Ureno -
  • The Santa Barbara Giving Circle reflects the needs of our community.

    Theresa Huerta -
  • With so many challenges in our world right now, I love being part of something POSITIVE that’s making a difference in my community. LCF is an INCREDIBLE organization that I am always beaming proud to be a part of. I love connecting with my wonderful Contra Costa Latino Giving Circle community and getting to know and support the amazing Latino-led orgs doing super important work in the county.

    Jenna Carlsson -
  • I love the women in my Circle. I love their compassion and generosity. I enjoy being in their company. I look forward to being more informed and involved as a result of our meeting conversation, areas of focus and action.

    Mercedes Badger -
  • Empowering to be in community with such brilliant, resilient and powerhouse Latina women.

    Denise Dautoff -
  • The Giving Circle is direct way to connect with the Latino community and, its a rare and precious opportunity to be with others who can relate to my lived experience as a Latina.

    Elizabeth Blanco Parrott -
  • What I love most about the Los Angeles Latino Giving Circle is that we value and see each other as family. Even though we all come from different neighborhoods in Los Angeles and work in different sectors, we have a common thread: A deep love for our Latino comunidad. I joined the LA Latino Giving Circle because I have personally benefited from the investment of Latino leaders and philanthropists who saw potential in me as a kid from Boyle Heights. My commitment to the LA Latino Giving Circle is to work in partnership with my fellow Giving Circle members to support grassroots organizations invested in addressing racial disparities and advancing equitable outcomes for Latinos in Los Angeles.

    Steven Almazan -
  • I love that a cross generational group of men are coming together to support our communities in need as we in turn connect with one another to create the change we want to see in the world.

    Abel Guillén -
  • Our Giving Circle provides opportunity to work with grantees and provide hands on support.

  • I am very proud of having been part of the first Giving Circle! The most exciting part is that we started a movement of Latinos for Latinos!!!

    Yolis Ruiz - San Francisco Latina
  • #SheSePuede

    Patty Rodriguez - San Francisco Latina
  • I appreciate being part of a group of Latina women in the TriValley who share a collective desire to give back to our community.

    Felicitas Bejarano - Pleasanton Latina
  • My Giving Circle is the collective soul behind our purpose.

    Lilia Corona Beltran - Pleasanton Latina
  • I’m here to help my community!

    Claudia Prado - Pleasanton Latina
  • My LCF Giving Circle helped my family expand our giving in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Not only do we feel more impactful with our charitable contributions, we feel connected to our community in ways we never could have imagined.

    Kelly Hunt - Peninsula Latina
  • Being of part of something bigger than myself such as the Giving Circle gives me a sense of fulfillment.

    Robert Ornelas - Orange County Latino
  • I love being empowered to make a positive direct impact on the lives of Latinxs and the sense of community built with my fellow Giving Circle members.

    Melissa Diaz-Infante - LGBTQ Latinx
  • Being in the Kern LGC sustains the culture of loving our communities.

    Valerie Gorospe - Kern Latino
  • I’m new to the East Bay Latina Giving Circle and look forward to getting to know other members of the group!

    Paola N. Cubias - East Bay Latina
  • The sincere desire to lift up others, the love and honesty within the group, and the collective commitment to make the world better.

    Amanda Renteria - Central Valley Latino
  • The most special and memorable experience was to be part of a family of mission driven and compassionate people that effortlessly collaborated together during the pandemic to provide any form of safety, improved physical and mental health.

    Thomas Welsh - Central Coast Latino
  • The ability to be a light unto a world in need. (Matthew 5:14-16)

    Rosio Laguna - Central Valley Latino
  • Being part of a group of like-minded Latinas is very special to me. I love that with our grants we empower small Latino-led nonprofits who are making a difference for so many families in our beautiful state. I am thrilled to be part of LCF Familia who works tirelessly to ensure the success of Latinos in California. Adelante!

    Alma-Ruth Avalos - Pleasanton Latina
  • Being a part of the LCF South Bay Latino Giving Circle has given me the opportunity to connect with the greater Latinx community across the Bay Area and California to give back. I have met some of the most incredible people through LCF and I’m incredibly thankful for them.

    Carla G. Hernández - South Bay Latino
  • Coming together with a diverse Giving Circle of men provides an opportunity to make a tangible impact for our communities most in need.

    Abel Guillen - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love contributing to my community and meeting other leading Latinas in so many different fields!

    Natasha Cougoule - San Francisco Latina
  • The CVLGC focuses on helping the most needy in the Central Valley. This is why I am a part of it.

    Raul Moreno - Central Valley Latino
  • Being part of the Sacramento Giving Circle is my opportunity to put my money where my heart is… con mi comunidad. Our circle is made up of gente that care about Sacramento and we show that by promoting and funding the Latinos who are doing the work to make our community a better place for people like us.

    Laura Edith González - Sacramento Latino
  • The best part is giving back when so many of given to me.

    Jacob Martinez - Central Coast Latino
  • Being part of the LGBTQ LatinX Giving Circle has showed me that joining efforts with like-minded folks can bring true and real impact to our community. Joining the Giving Circle has been one of the best decisions ever!

    Jorge Vargas - LGBTQ Latinx
  • “La Fiesta Del Millon” – the party of a million dollars. In December 2018, the Latino Community Foundation Giving Circle network celebrated an incredible milestone – collectively, we had invested $1M in Latino-led nonprofits in California since the giving circle network started a few years ago. This was a few short months after I joined the LGBTQ+ Latinx giving circle. This celebration helped me feel the impact we could make with our individual monthly contributions of just $84. It was a magical and deeply moving experience. In the span of a few months, I became a philanthropist. With our small monthly donations, with the help of our community and our network, we were making a huge positive impact in our local Latinx communities. It was life changing.

    Camille Alfaro-Martell - LGBTQ Latinx
  • I am grateful for the community of Latinos that surrounded, and often carried me, into adulthood. Sometimes those people were family and sometimes they were people who just felt like family. Regardless of bloodlines, these are the people who normalized my identity as a Latina. Any given Sunday in my house was a study on Panamericana relations I could have never learned in a classroom.

    The 2nd greatest influence was my city. I am of Costa Rican and Ecuadorian descent but I feel deep cultural connections to Los Angeles.

    My local bakery is Guatemalan, my butcher is Argentine and I’ve learned to love, and respect, the taco thanks to the Mexicans in my life. I love my city and there is nowhere else I would rather call home.

    The past, present, and future of Los Angeles have been shaped by the rich diversity of us Latinos.

    Today I am a wife and working mom. I find myself in a work setting that is predominantly white and while I’m proud of my career this can sometimes feel isolating.

    LCF has given me the opportunity to connect with other Latinos from the private, nonprofit, and government sectors. When I am in those LCF meetings, I am my most authentic self.

    I have gained invaluable professional development and forged life long friendships through LCF. I encourage you to look into the Latino Community Foundation.

    Pamela Wright - Los Angeles Latino
  • As a member of the Central Valley Latino Giving Circle, I have had an opportunity to connect with Latino serving organizations and to learn which organizations I can volunteer and offer my support to further. I have also met other amazing Latin/x/a/o leaders and heard their inspiring stories.

    Patricia Vazquez Topete - Central Valley Latino
  • Being one of the founding members, I will never forget the first meeting when the LCF team pitched the idea for the first giving circle. I knew it will grow, I didn’t know how fast and what a great impact this philanthropic movement will have. It’s been 8 years and counting. To me, being a member of the LatinX Giving Circle Network is all about giving back, supporting our community, celebrating our culture and who we are. It’s a life-long heart commitment.

    Maria Alvarez - San Francisco Latina
  • I love the community we’re building among Latino leaders in the region.

    Matt Cervantes - Sacramento Latino
  • Being part of my Giving Circle has made me reflect on the teachers, organizations and volunteers that made an impact on my life during my youth. I feel honored and privileged to be able to give back to my community through philanthropy.

    Roberto Diaz-Gonzalez - Contra Costa Latinx
  • We are all from different backgrounds, different views, but share one common mission, service.

    Maria Teresa Pascuzzi - Pleasanton Latina
  • I am honored to be a part of this Giving Circle, where we get to come together with shared passion to support our Latino leaders and advance the work of grassroots Latino-led organizations locally.

    Cara Silva (she/her/ella) - Santa Barbara Latino
  • I love being able to help our community directly!

    Elizabeth Gomez - Peninsula Latina
  • As Latinos we have the power to be the change, to impact our community. Being a philanthropist is more than the generosity that we bring, it is about family, connections and engaging in issues that matter for us now and future generations.

    Victoria Arreola - KPLA Latinx
  • Our Giving Circle has provided me with a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded peers across my organization and the community. As a non-Latino person, I’ve chosen LCF as a meaningful way to demonstrate empathy, solidarity, and allyship, and I love meeting the people and organizations that we support in our local community.

    Stephen Jones - Cisco Conexion Latino
  • I love the collective impact of empowering our communities and I’m inspired to redefine the philanthropy narrative. Yo soy una filántropa, I’m a philanthropist!

    Michelle Linares - KPLA Latinx
  • The empathy and generosity of the group is inspiring!

    Felix Flores - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • Latinas always find a way!

    Lucy Arellano Baglieri - San Francisco Latina
  • I love being able to make meaningful connections with fellow Latinos in Tech, impact change and support grassroots tech organizations in our community has been an extremely rewarding experience.

    Steve A. Guillén - Latinos in Tech
  • I’m constantly inspired by this network of bright, driven, and compassionate Latinos working together to drive positive change in our local community. Proud to be a part of LCF and the Bay Area Men’s Latino Giving Circle for several years now and grateful for the connections and bonds being fostered. Together, we are unstoppable.

    Alberto Rocha - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love making a difference in my community!

    Caroline Alarcon - Santa Barbara Latino
  • Being a member of the East Bay Latina Giving Circle has allowed me to connect with other like-minded Latinas reaching out and directly supporting community based Latinx non-profit organizations.

    Lupe Martinez - East Bay Latina
  • Definitely love the connections I’ve made with this beautiful and vibrant community. It’s always better to give together!

    Linda Ruiz David - San Francisco Latina
  • My very first night at the Giving Circle was a grants night, seeing the impact that the Giving Circle had on non-profits that help the Latino community was amazing. Hearing the stories of families that were impacted because of the giving caused me to want to sign up. I signed up that night and have not even thought about leaving. What the Giving Circle does helps so many of our Latino families here in the valley through the awesome hard work of the non-profits. Being the ED of a non-profit myself, I know how important it is to have this type of funding and I am happy to continue to support our Central Valley Latino Giving Circle.

    Denise Wyatt - Central Valley Latino
  • I love connecting with colleagues who have similar passions of empowering and strengthening communities. We are part of this global movement that is changing the face and culture of philanthropy. It is so inspiring to feel connected at this time in history where we are all being forced to distance and our communities have so many added pressures due to the global pandemic.

    Hannah Cordero Chen - KPLA Latinx
  • While COVID-19 bore heavily on all communities in 2020, and in particular on communities of color, for immigrant-led and serving institutions, COVID-19 was nearly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    That year in particular, the need was great, and I was extremely grateful, in partnership with my fellow Giving Circle members, to have been able to support grassroots immigrant-led and serving organizations that will make our community a better place.

    For groups on the frontlines of systemic oppression, this is the beginning of the struggle, not the end – and they need to be adequately resourced as we move forward.

    I am truly grateful that the LA Latino giving circle stood by their word when they promised community partners that we would stand up for justice and fairness.

    Julio Marcial - Los Angeles Latino
  • I love all the amazing women in my Giving Circle. Every thing we do is with love and passion. Every time we get together I know I am with familia.

    Janeth Medina Larios - San Francisco Latina
  • I love paying it forward to help my community since I received help to get to where I am today!

    Paul Segalini - Latinos in Tech
  • I love being part of the East Bay Latina Giving Circle because it has provided me the opportunity to support meaningful causes through a collective Latinx approach while at the same time feeling supported by members of the circle.

    Rebeca Diaz - East Bay Latina
  • If it wasn’t for the Latinos in Tech Giving circle I don’t think that I would be in the position that I am today. This group was the first community outside of the Digital NEST that supported me in my journey of being in philanthropy & technology.

    Martín Vargas-Vega - Latinos in Tech
  • One of the things I most enjoy is learning together about our Latino community and philanthropy. The Latinos in Tech Giving Circle is not only giving, smart, talented, but also fun and poderoso/powerful. I really enjoy getting to know all the members. As a Latina engineer, this network has provided me with an intersection of my interests, values, and an uplifting community. The time commitment is so minimal yet I know I am making long lasting friendships as well as an impact in communities that need it most.

    Mariana Sierra - Latinos in Tech
  • Being a part of my Giving Circle has given me the courage to respond to the age ole, “Mi’ja- ya se te va el tren” with “Tia- I AM…WE ARE the train.” In essence, this network has helped me claim my cultural deviance as an asset instead of a liability and has supported me to invest my money, time, talent and energy more mindfully with and for my community.

    Janitzia Rodriguez - Contra Costa Latinx
  • I’m inspired to see so many Latinos helping each other to move forward!

    Angel Chavez - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love getting involved in our community!

    Macarena Sosnik - Peninsula Latina
  • Being part of the OC Latino Giving Circle has allowed me a path to amplify my heart by connecting back to the community.

    Guido Nunez - Orange County Latino
  • I love that our common goal, which is to help others in need, unites our Giving Circle. Everyone in the Giving Circle is here by choice which makes it special.

    Thomas Rangel - KPLA Latinx
  • The Giving Circle opens up greater possibilities for helping our community as a whole rather than an individual.

    Debra Erven - Central Valley Latino
  • I love the ability to show my might in helping my community.

    Richard Perez - LGBTQ Latinx
  • I love supporting our Latino-led community organizations and being part of their events and learning more about the great work being done all over Stanislaus county. I also have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know our Circle members who are likewise committed to supporting our community.

    Maria Arevalo - Stanislaus Community Latino
  • I enjoy giving to community groups that are helping those in need!

    Arturo J Gonzalez - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love the organic community building that takes places as we discuss how to be of best support as well as the innovative ideas of how to double our collective impact together.

    Lili Gangas - Latinos in Tech
  • There is nothing more powerful or fun than giving together with people that you love and respect! We have build strong bonds with each other and with our nonprofit partners; we are unstoppable!

    Sara Lomelin - Peninsula Latina
  • It’s a privilege to enable the next generation of Latinos in realizing their dreams.

    Joseph Sandoval - Latinos in Tech
  • I love giving back to a community that gave me so much is fulfilling.

    Jennifer Arguello - Latinos in Tech
  • I have enjoyed seeing the impact our collective funds have made in strengthening our local Latino-led non-profit organizations that are working to support, empower and inspire Latinos in the Central Valley.

    Vivian Velasco Paz - Central Valley Latino
  • Being part of the Contra Costa Latinx Giving Circle has been a phenomenal experience! It’s incredible to be in a space with dedicated, passionate, companionate, Latinos who want to help support and uplift their communities! I am truly grateful to be a part of this group, I’ve met amazing people, learned about outstanding organizations and it’s brought so much connection and joy to my life!

    Natalia Tocino - Contra Costa Latinx
  • I love knowing my donations go toward meaningfully supporting organizations I care about. The other members in my circle are leaders in their field so I also get a lot of value out of the connections I make.

    Frances Coronel - Latinos in Tech
  • “For it is in giving that we receive…” – St. Francis of Assisi

    Bobbie Salgado - Sacramento Latino
  • Being part of a Giving Circle is important: by joining with more people my dollars can go further, and we see the results of our investments in the community where we live and work. We decide as a group what are our priorities, and then it is super hard to decide where to invest – there is so much need! I have met wonderful women who are strong, kind, wise, and fun. And yes, I count them as friends.

    Bego Lozano - Peninsula Latina
  • Someone once saw in me what I could yet see and giving back is allowing me to pass on that hope to someone else.

    Deysi Mendez - Latinos in Tech
  • Joining the KPLA Latinx Giving Circle gave me the opportunity to connect with others who share the same desire to give back. Together, we support Latino-led organizations who, in turn, make lasting impacts in our community. It is truly a full circle of giving to one another. I am overjoyed and humbled to be a part of it.

    Yesmina Zavala - KPLA Latinx
  • I love knowing that I’m in a safe space of people who are truly doing the work to elevate the community where it’s needed the most.

    Ana Flores - Los Angeles Latino
  • I love the building of community!

    Juan Oldham - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love the sense of community in our Giving Circle, working with collaborative leaders of all different fields, with shared values is a highlight when we get together.

    David Kietzman - Los Angeles Latino
  • I love being able to give back to organizations focused on empowering Latinos to accomplish more.

    Diana Bojorquez, MD - KPLA Latinx
  • Collectively we have come together to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Lucy Ruiz - Central Valley Latino
  • Individually we might be a “granito de arena” (grain of sand), but our giving circles are a testament to how we can all come together to make a difference and support our community.

    Bianca Diaz - San Francisco Latina
  • I love being a part of the LCF family because I have the opportunity to share a space and support a group of individuals that look like me and share similar values. One of my favorite memories is attending the 2020 LGCN Retreat in-person and hearing from inspiring speakers and meeting other members from all over California.

    Christina Ortega - Latinos in Tech
  • The group is very collaborative, very can-do attitude, and open to hearing ideas from all group members.

    Belinda de la Libertad - Orange County Latino
  • Through LCF, I met Sammy Nuñez, E.D., Fathers & Families of San Joaquin who shared a quote from his grandmother, especially meaningful in our LGCN work: “Nada para nosotros. Todo para todos.”

    Lili Peña - Peninsula Latina
  • I like to call Giving Circles “FUBU Philanthropy” — For us by us! Giving Circles gave me the introduction I needed to feel comfortable with “philanthropy”, tearing down the ivory towers that make it feel so distant. Going beyond the dollars, they offer the chance to build a real connection with the organizations doing the work you care about. Not only that but, they are fun(!) — offering the chance to connect with a new network of like-minded latinos who are using their privilege for good.

    Chris Torres - Latinos in Tech
  • I love connecting with others who like me are trying to pay it forward to other latinos in our communities.

    José A. Morán - Central Valley Latino
  • One of the best things about being a part of the Central Valley Latino Giving Circle is being able to collectively support and empower our local Latino leaders and seeing the impact of our grants in our rural communities!

    America Yareli Hernandez - Central Valley Latino
  • I really appreciate the friendships and community brought together by LCF. LCF was there to guide me when I helped create the LatinX ERG at Square and now as a first-time tech entrepreneur. Thank you!

    Camilo Isaza - Latinos in Tech
  • Being a part of the Latino Giving Circle has allowed me to learn about the inspiring and necessary work done by community organizations in my local area.

    Martin Esteban Farfan - South Bay Latino
  • I love watching the growth of our next generation of leaders.

    Ed González - Central Valley Latino
  • Being part of the Latino Community Foundation LGBTQ Giving Circle has been transformative, as it has been a space of mutual support and inspiration to dream big about what is possible for our community, take action in supporting these dreams, and build relationships with other passionate members.

    Veronica Pugin - LGBTQ Latinx
  • I love being part of a group of like-minded individuals trying to due more good for our community.

    Susanna Osorno-Crandall - KPLA Latinx
  • I love Latinx empowerment by Latinx donors

    Angelica Salas and Mayron Payes - Los Angeles Latino
  • I’m so grateful to be connected to a community of Latinx people building serious power in California. I haven’t been very connected to Latinx community outside of my family, and it gives me life to be around these amazing women. I’ve been inspired in every meeting and every call.

    Anne Gomez - San Francisco Latina
  • I love helping my fellow Latinos succeed.

    Jorge Madrigal - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love the idea that each giving circle supports Latino-led grassroot efforts in each community. When we help one another rise, we truly change and impact positive change!

    Karlha Davies - Stanislaus Community Latino
  • I love being part of LCF’s Giving Circle Network; this movement draws upon the collective power, vision and hopes we have for nurturing and building stronger, resilient and equitable Latinx communities.

    Anna Luna - San Francisco Latina
  • The Sacramento Latino Giving Circle has given me the opportunity to support our local community and connect with other Latinos in my area.

    Raquel Riegos - Sacramento Latino
  • I love the “Hermandad” and bond with my fellow circle members and really enjoy voting with the circle on which organizations to invest our funds.

    Maria O'Hollearn - Peninsula Latina
  • The members of the Giving Circle have provided me with a valuable resource of opportunities that have benefited my community, my family and myself during various occasions.

    Carlos Noe Saavedra - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • My Giving Circle has given me the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other successful Latinos, that I would have otherwise not met, that are invested in supporting our community.

    Ernesto Martinez - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I’m a transplant to the Bay Area, joining a giving circle has allowed me to meet the beating heart of the Latinx/immigrant community here. I love learning about the problems that they are facing and to support the solutions that they are creating!

    Jess Tatiana Cornejo Flores - East Bay Latina
  • I love Latinos supporting Latinos here in the Central Valley, it’s a way for me to support, affirm and continue our rich culture in our community.

    Artie Padilla - Central Valley Latino
  • When I joined the giving circle, I felt like I had found MY space, MY community. It made me emotional to see a room full of beautiful leaders that look like me and want what is best for our community because they understand the community first hand. It was powerful!

    Teresa Alvarez - Santa Barbara Latino
  • I love the fierce energy of each one of its members!

    Maria Cecilia Jara - East Bay Latina
  • “Lift as you climb.” Many paved the way for us to have the opportunities we have today. Being able to leverage my privilege to empower others is not only rewarding but a responsibility.”

  • One of the things I most enjoy is learning together about our Latino community and philanthropy. The Latinos in Tech Giving Circle is not only giving, smart, talented, but also fun and poderoso/powerful. I really enjoy getting to know all the members. As a Latina engineer, this network has provided me with an intersection of my interests, values, and an uplifting community. The time commitment is so minimal yet I know I am making long lasting friendships as well as an impact in communities that need it most.”

    Mariana Sierra Latinos in Tech Giving Circle -
  • I’m proud to say I belong to the LGCN because of the impact our conversations and work create. I’m even more grateful to be able to connect with other inspiring Latinos who want to create change by empowering our community in leadership and education.

  • It has always been in my nature to help others. Growing up in Spain, a child of generations of teachers, I’ve seen how the power of education can change lives. I am grateful that my involvement in the Latino Giving Circle Network will enable others to learn the tools they need to become confident, self sufficient and successful.

  • It’s clear that Latinos are growing in size and diversity in California and across our country yet philanthropic resources continue not to be directed to our communities . This fuels my drive to be part of a movement of stakeholders dedicated to changing the narrative about who we are as Latina/os while also building a pipeline of philanthropic leaders.
    I welcome you to join our movement!

  • I want others to join us because there is plenty of work to be done and we need all hands on deck. All of us bring our talents and networks to the table, and by doing so we are creating a powerful movement within our Latino communities. Philanthropy is for everyone and by joining our group you will become an active participant in this movement.

  • Latinos are the new face of California. Moving forward, giving back, honoring our roots, and improving the quality of life for Latino children and families.

  • The experience to meet other Latinos and Latinas who are giving back is invaluable. When you hear the stories of other members, you automatically feel a connection and this is what it’s all about. Being connected to others who share your passion to give back and help your community.

    Angel Chavez - Morgan Stanley
  • Latinos already give generously in their communities. The Latino Giving Circle Network allow us to harness the power of collaboration to be more strategic and to fund causes that improve the lives of families, especially the most underserved. We hope this initiative will inspire future generations to embrace philanthropy as a way to strengthen and transform communities into those where individuals can realize their dreams and reach their full potential.

    Tim Rios - Wells Fargo


Our Giving Circle members have registered voters, signed petitions, made it on redistricting commissions, and advocated for more equitable policies for Latino communities across CA. You too can learn how to become more civically engaged through your LGCN membership.


  • What is a Giving Circle?

    A giving circle is a group of people who pool their resources in order to collectively contribute to issues they deem important to their community. Giving circles provide individual donors the opportunity to make their contributions meaningful by leveraging their resources with others and enhancing the impact of their giving. Giving circles offer members a forum to learn about community issues alongside like-minded individuals and become more informed philanthropists.

  • Why do we need a Latino Giving Circle Network®?

    The Latino Giving Circle Network is one solution to increase the amount of philanthropic dollars invested in Latino-led organizations. Latinos represent the largest ethnic majority in California, yet Latino leaders receive less than 1.1% of all US philanthropic dollars. The Latino Community Foundation is creating a movement of Californians ready to change this reality. The members of the Latino Giving Circle Network stand ready to serve as change agents and invest in solutions that will transform Latino communities.

  • How much money does each member contribute?

    Latino Giving Circle members contribute a minimum of $1,000 per year. The payment can be made in a way that fits your budget. You can give $84 monthly, which is less than $3 a day, $250 quarterly or the entire sum in one payment. LCF welcomes members that are interested in contributing beyond the minimum. The goal is to build a movement of civically minded philanthropists. All contributions are invested entirely in Latino-led organizations.

  • Where does my money go? Who will decide?

    You and the members of your circle will collectively decide. Your group will also determine how the money will be distributed. LCF staff works with giving circles to provide grantmaking advice and execute the decisions of each giving circle. Grants from the circle may go to any non-profit working towards the mission to support vulnerable Latino children and families throughout CA.

  • Will my donation be tax deductible?

    Yes, 90% of your donation is tax deductible. LCF will provide an acknowledgement letter with tax ID for deduction. 10% of the contributions are directed to program costs.

  • How do I join a Latino Giving Circle and/or start my own?

    To join the Latino Giving Circle Network fill out the Enrollment Form here.

    We are always looking to start new Giving Circles, please indicate if you are interested in the form.