Our community is the driving force of California’s economy. Latinos are creative, determined and entrepreneurial. Our hardworking and resilient spirit means Latinos start 82% of all new companies in America and Latina women start businesses at six times the national rate.

Latino small businesses are a cornerstone of our thriving communities. Yet 90% struggle to access the capital and support they need to launch and grow. Many entrepreneurs face barriers navigating banking systems, receiving loans, formalizing or scale their operation due to language barriers, immigration status, and limited technical support.

At LCF, we see the power of our entrepreneurs and are ready to invest. When small businesses prosper— our families, neighborhoods, and communities thrive. To support Latino-owned businesses, the Latino Community Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our Latino Entrepreneurship Fund and Initiative.

Building on LCF’s experience as a capacity building hub for Latino nonprofits, we will apply the lessons learned to invest in nonprofits that provide culturally rooted, innovative and tailored services to Latino entrepreneurs. We will tap into the philanthropic assets of our Latino Giving Circle Network, partner with key advocates to build a more inclusive economy post COVID-19 and utilize storytelling to shape a new narrative about the power of investing in Latino entrepreneurship.

Over the next five years, new and existing small businesses will get a boost of support, expertise, and confidence related to marketing, communication, business planning, and fund-raising. Together, we will move forward towards economic recovery, equity, and prosperity.

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Growth of Latina-Owned Businesses
in last 5 years alone.


In Latino Purchasing Power.
A 367% Increase from 1990 to 2014.


Latino Owned Businesses
contribute over $700 billion to our national economy annually.

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Of Latino Small-Businesses
cannot access government funded aid.


Is often inaccessible to Latino Entrepreneurs.
Due to credit, language barriers, immigrations status, business size, and lack of community outreach. 


Of Latino-Owned Businesses
Use personal savings or credit cards to start up their businesses.

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The Latino Entrepreneurship Fund invests in the immense potential of Latino entrepreneurs to advance the economic mobility of our entire community.

We stand alongside Latino entrepreneurs so they can take their business to the next level of growth and sustainability and, in turn, be a part of thriving, local Latino business communities across the state. We partner with Latino nonprofits to:

Invest capital in Latino Entrepreneurs to grow revenue

Offer technical support for Business Growth and innovation

Provide marketing support and mentorship via effective nonprofits

Shape a new narrative about the contributions of Latino entrepreneurs

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Prospera is a powerful community of Latina immigrant entrepreneurs and their champions that collaborate to launch successful co-ops and small businesses in the Bay Area.

Eva Longoria Foundation is helping to unlock the full potential of Latinas by providing access to micro-loans, culturally rooted business training, and critical mentorship.

Kitchen Table Advisors fuels the economic viability of sustainable small farms and ranches through practical business advising and trusted relationships.

La Luz Center is a beacon of hope and opportunity for immigrant families in Sonoma that offers professional training and a micro-lending program for local business owners.

Valley Verde leverages the power of food and culture to sustain families and launch microenterprises in Santa Clara County.

It’s time to unleash the power and brilliance of Latino entrepreneurship. Join us today!

Email Masha V. Chernyak ( or Adriana Saldivar ( for more information today.