Latino Community Foundation invests $2 million into 28 organizations to fuel civic leadership and support the creative economy.

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Fernando Tercero is a recent UCSB graduate from Redwood City. 

As an undergraduate, Fernando created a TikTok platform dedicated to highlighting systemic inequities in the Bay Area, and eventually expanded his platform to include Santa Barbara and Southern California. Since then, he has amassed over 150k followers and over 5 million likes. In his spare time, Fernando enjoys picking up a good book while he hesitantly waits for his chocolate chip cookies to bake in the oven, unsure if this new recipe will work this time. 

He is excited to bring his TikTok skills to the Latino Community Foundation as a PoderArte Fellow, and is excited to see the change that the PoderArte team will inspire!


At the Latino Community Foundation (LCF) we understand the power of art, music, and culture to shape and advance social change. Art works as a powerful catalyst to move hearts and minds and to ultimately shift public policy. Culture inspires, heals, and challenges us to act.

In times of despair, our communities hold on to hope, joy, and creativity. With each poem, short film, and hip-hop routine—we turn our pain into purpose. Our culture bearers help us expand our collective imagination, helping us to see a future full of possibilities.

We are thrilled to launch PoderArte to amplify the importance of arts and culture and to channel vital resources to our artists—the culture bearers, keepers, and teachers who help us dream up a better world.

PoderArte is made possible thanks to a grant from the California Arts Council to implement the California Creative Corps pilot program, a media, outreach, and engagement campaign designed to increase: (1) public health awareness messages to stop the spread of COVID-19; (2) public awareness related to water and energy conservation, climate mitigation, and emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery; (3) civic engagement, including election participation; and (4) social justice and community engagement.

Are you an artist?

What has been on your heart and mind lately? Do you have a creative idea that is ready to be unleashed? Are you ready to tap into your creative genius to heal and inspire our community? If those questions resonate with you, you are invited to apply. Now is the time to make your creative dreams a reality. We want to invest in your vision with a PoderArte grant.

We invite you, nonprofits and creative collectives (composed of artists and/or culture bearers) to apply for a one-time PoderArte grant! We are excited to see how you will use art and culture to increase public awareness, civic engagement and social justice.

Do you qualify?

If you are a California-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, creative collective, or project fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 organization, we invite you to apply for a grant. Priority will be given to projects serving historically underfunded and underserved neighborhoods in quartile 1 of the California Healthy Places Index.

LCF will award Program level ($100,000 – $150,000) and Project level ($25,000 – $50,000) grants to an estimated 25-30 organizations. The majority of funding will support salaries and fees of artists and culture bearers who are the pillars of our state’s creative economy.

The grant term is July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024. All expenses related to this grant must be incurred during that period. Data collection is required throughout the grant duration and a final report is mandatory.

Who decides?

At the Latino Community Foundation, we are rooted in values of trust and change, not charity. We will create a Participatory Grantmaking Committee composed of community leaders, artists, and community organizers from across the state to guide the decision-making process around the selection of grant awards.

PoderArte grants will fund programs and projects that utilize arts and culture to increase public awareness, civic engagement, social justice, and community engagement. Selected projects will be strongly aligned with one of the Grant Themes:

  • Narrative Change: strength-based narratives that amplify community voice, center cultural strengths and identity, and/or reframe how a community is presented.
  • Community Educational Campaign: raise public awareness and access to information around local issues that impact community well-being.
  • Civic Engagement: spark individual and/or collective civic action that addresses shifts in local, state, and national systems and/or policy, including election participation.


In addition to the funds, LCF will convene funded organizations in a learning community and provide capacity building support. We will amplify your project or program via our powerful social media channels and host a culminating festival to celebrate our collective power. Together we will co-create the change we wish to see in the world.

Don’t overthink it, read the complete RFP Guidelines and Apply Today!

Applications are being accepted until March 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

Do you have more Questions? Watch a recording of our information session in English or Spanish.

The first step is always the hardest, we are here to support you with the rest. Send us an email with questions to

The Latino Community Foundation is an administering organization of the groundbreaking Creative Corps Pilot Program. This initiative is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at