It’s time to ensure Latino communities have the opportunities and resources to thrive.


Latinos are California. According to the California Department of Finance, Latinos will make up nearly half of California’s population by 2060. Every policy topic and line item in the state’s budget – from education to healthcare – must, therefore, take into account the 15 million Latinos that call California home.

There is a renewed sense of optimism and a historic opportunity to shape a new deal with Californians—especially Latinos. As the fifth largest economy in the world, the state can seize the opportunity to demonstrate that building an inclusive economy, stronger democracy, and equitable society is possible. We know it is possible and it is why we are ready to work alongside the state to take the necessary steps and get things done.

LCF developed the first California Latino Agenda for Governor Newsom. Download the pdf above.


A California for All is possible. This Administration has already set the stage to lead us forward. We look forward to working alongside the state to achieve this vision.

Understanding the complexities of the root causes that have led to entrenched and long-standing inequities in wealth, health, and education across racial/ethnic groups, we are proposing a set of short- and longterm recommendations that can achieve tangible and palpable progress towards a California for All. The short-term recommendations are outlined across five areas that Latino voters prioritized as most important leading up to the 2018 Gubernatorial Election. The long-term recommendations focus on opportunities for this administration to set a new standard for how the state plans, prepares, and prioritizes budget allocations and tracks progress on key indicators that will ensure California continues to lead the nation on advancing equity.