Every decade, Californians have an opportunity to make their voices heard on how they would like to be represented at various levels of government. From the U.S. House of Representatives to the California Legislature, we must play our part in redrawing the political lines in California’s redistricting process in 2021. Our issues, our communities and our fight for a fairer democracy are at stake!

Latinos make up

39% of CA’s


We are the

largest community

of interest in California


Redistricting is the process of redrawing the lines for positions like the House of Representatives, the California Legislature and the Board of Equalization. It also happens on a local level for positions like county supervisors and city councils. Its goal is to make sure that every Californian is fairly represented and placed in equal-sized districts. All California residents, regardless of their immigration status, can provide input in the state’s redistricting process.

This process takes place every ten years following the census. An open and transparent redistricting process, in which community members can actively engage in and share how they would like to be represented, will ensure that elected officials, and the issues they champion, are actually serving all Californians fairly and equally.

We are the largest community of interest in California.



Submit a community of interest statement for the 2021 California Citizens Redistricting Commission!


Attend a community of interest hearing for the 2021 California Citizens Redistricting Commission!


Draw and submit your own district map to the 2021 California Citizens Redistricting Commission!

How to Create Your Own “Communities of Interest” Statement 

A “Communities of Interest” statement allows you to describe your community and provide input to California’s Redistricting Commission as they draw the lines for electoral maps. Check out the sample “Communities of Interest” statement below as you draft your own. 

You can submit your statement by visiting https://drawmycacommunity.org or emailing it to votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov. Use the subject line “Community of Interest” followed by the name of your community. For example: “Community of Interest, San Jose.”


1. Give your community a name.

Northwest Orange County


2. Tell us about your community. What are your shared interests? What brings you together? What is important to your community?

My community is made up of Latinos who are bilingual and/or Spanish-language dominant. We buy our groceries at the same supermarkets (Northgate on Lincoln Ave. and Superior Grocers on La Palma Ave.), and use similar modes of transportation to get to and from work, primarily of OCTA bus routes 25, 30, and 35 that run across Knott Ave., Orangethorpe Ave., and Beach Blvd, respectively. While neighboring communities are mostly composed of homeowners paying off their mortgages, my community is made up of mostly renters. We aspire to home ownership, but it is difficult to save when the rising rental costs make it difficult to save for a down payment. 


3. Are there nearby areas you want to be in a district with? Nearby areas you don’t want to be in a district with? Why or why not?

Considering Buena Park’s large community of renters, we should not be in a district with communities in the city of Yorba Linda. According to Census data, the owner-occupied housing rate in Yorba Linda is 82 percent, significantly higher than the state average (54 percent), and higher than Buena Park’s average (57 percent). Further, the median household income for Yorba Linda is $129,995 compared to Buena Park’s median of $78,932. 


4. Is there anything else you can tell us about your community?

Many in my community lack health coverage. According to Census data, the percentage of residents that lack health coverage in Anaheim (13.4 percent) and Buena Park (9.5 percent) surpasses the state average of 8.9 percent. 

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