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The Central Valley Latino Giving Circle came together to reclaim a different vision for the Valley- one rooted in leadership, generosity, and pride. Headquartered in the greater Fresno area, this Giving Circle is now one of our largest in the network and harnesses the power, philanthropy, and civic action of Latinos. This Circle is filled with the movers and shakers of the Central Valley- members are leaders of community organizations, business owners and more. Many of the organizations they fund credit the Giving Circle as their first-ever philanthropic investment such as Armando at CCAT- an arts and cultural center with hubs in Fresno and Bakersfield. Despite the essential contributions of the Central Valley, While this region faces some of the highest disparities in opportunity, health, education, and equality in our state due to decades of disinvestment, the Giving Circle continues to provide essential contributions to the Central Valley.

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Funding Priorities

Civic engagement

Leadership Development

Words from Members

  • The sincere desire to lift up others, the love and honesty within the group, and the collective commitment to make the world better.

    Amanda Renteria - Central Valley Latino
  • The ability to be a light unto a world in need. (Matthew 5:14-16)

    Rosio Laguna - Central Valley Latino
  • The CVLGC focuses on helping the most needy in the Central Valley. This is why I am a part of it.

    Raul Moreno - Central Valley Latino
  • As a member of the Central Valley Latino Giving Circle, I have had an opportunity to connect with Latino serving organizations and to learn which organizations I can volunteer and offer my support to further. I have also met other amazing Latin/x/a/o leaders and heard their inspiring stories.

    Patricia Vazquez Topete - Central Valley Latino
  • My very first night at the Giving Circle was a grants night, seeing the impact that the Giving Circle had on non-profits that help the Latino community was amazing. Hearing the stories of families that were impacted because of the giving caused me to want to sign up. I signed up that night and have not even thought about leaving. What the Giving Circle does helps so many of our Latino families here in the valley through the awesome hard work of the non-profits. Being the ED of a non-profit myself, I know how important it is to have this type of funding and I am happy to continue to support our Central Valley Latino Giving Circle.

    Denise Wyatt - Central Valley Latino
  • The Giving Circle opens up greater possibilities for helping our community as a whole rather than an individual.

    Debra Erven - Central Valley Latino
  • I have enjoyed seeing the impact our collective funds have made in strengthening our local Latino-led non-profit organizations that are working to support, empower and inspire Latinos in the Central Valley.

    Vivian Velasco Paz - Central Valley Latino
  • Collectively we have come together to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Lucy Ruiz - Central Valley Latino
  • I love connecting with others who like me are trying to pay it forward to other latinos in our communities.

    José A. Morán - Central Valley Latino
  • One of the best things about being a part of the Central Valley Latino Giving Circle is being able to collectively support and empower our local Latino leaders and seeing the impact of our grants in our rural communities!

    America Yareli Hernandez - Central Valley Latino
  • I love watching the growth of our next generation of leaders.

    Ed González - Central Valley Latino
  • I love Latinos supporting Latinos here in the Central Valley, it’s a way for me to support, affirm and continue our rich culture in our community.

    Artie Padilla - Central Valley Latino

Our Current Grantees

West Side Youth


2021 Meetings

This Year’s Giving Timeline: February 17  |  May 19  |  September 22

Giving Circles have three official grantmaking meetings with LCF staff – from helping define funding priorities to meeting with nonprofit organizations. Throughout the year, Giving Circles also host socials, and members are invited to join network wide events, including the LGCN Retreat. Interested in attending a meeting? Contact us here.


  • Lead Members

    America Yareli Hernandez

    Jose Arrezola

    Olga Nunez

  • A-E

    Abraham Martinez

    Amanda Renteria

    Angela Cisneros

    Angela Hiyama

    Armida Espinoza

    Artie Padilla

    Cathy Gonzales

    Daniel Gutierrez

    Debra Erven

    Denise Wyatt

    Diego Arambula

    Edward Gonzalez

  • F-L

    Jan Vasquez

    Jason Leal

    Jenny Amaro

    Jim A. Trevino

    Jose Alfredo Moran

    Jose Antonio Ramirez

    Jose Lemus

    Joseph I. Castro

    Kenneth Magdaleno

    Liliana Sandoval

    Lucy Ruiz

  • M-Z

    Margarita Rocha

    Patricia Vasquez Topete

    Phillip M. Gonzales

    Raul Moreno

    Rosio Laguna

    Saul Jimenez-Sandoval

    Tim Rios

    Victor Olivares

    Vivian Velasco Paz

    Yuliana Franco

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About the Latino Giving Circle Network

The Latino Giving Circle Network is the largest network of Latinx philanthropists in the country. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, we are part of a united movement inspired by the power of giving and civic engagement. The funding from these Giving Circles supports grassroots Latinx-led nonprofits, working on the frontlines with Latinx youth and families. These emerging community-rooted organizations are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy. We exist to change that. Learn more about the Network here.