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The East Bay Latina Giving Circle includes women from many different walks of life who have created a space rooted in healing and sisterhood. These women are especially excited about the power of Latinas in the political sphere and will often fund organizations working to engage the vote beyond the Bay Area. One of the special honors claimed by this Giving Circle is their role as the Madrinas of the Radical Monarchs- a leadership and activism organization for young girls of color in whom they see a kindred spirit. The Giving Circle funded the Radical Monarchs early on and, to this day remain actively involved as sponsors, donors, and cheerleaders to uplift the next generation of young women leaders.

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Funding Priorities

Civic Engagement


Liberation for women of color

Words from Members

  • I’m new to the East Bay Latina Giving Circle and look forward to getting to know other members of the group!

    Paola N. Cubias - East Bay Latina
  • Being a member of the East Bay Latina Giving Circle has allowed me to connect with other like-minded Latinas reaching out and directly supporting community based Latinx non-profit organizations.

    Lupe Martinez - East Bay Latina
  • I love being part of the East Bay Latina Giving Circle because it has provided me the opportunity to support meaningful causes through a collective Latinx approach while at the same time feeling supported by members of the circle.

    Rebeca Diaz - East Bay Latina
  • I’m a transplant to the Bay Area, joining a giving circle has allowed me to meet the beating heart of the Latinx/immigrant community here. I love learning about the problems that they are facing and to support the solutions that they are creating!

    Jess Tatiana Cornejo Flores - East Bay Latina
  • I love the fierce energy of each one of its members!

    Maria Cecilia Jara - East Bay Latina

Our Current Grantees


2021 Meetings

This Year’s Giving Timeline: February 11  |  May 11  |  September 14

Giving Circles have three official grantmaking meetings with LCF staff – from helping define funding priorities to meeting with nonprofit organizations. Throughout the year, Giving Circles also host socials, and members are invited to join network wide events, including the LGCN Retreat. Interested in attending a meeting? Contact us here.


  • Lead Members

    Lupe Martinez

    Tamara Centeno

  • A-E

    Angela Bryant

    Anne Marie Bingo

    Christina Sabater

    Claudia Medina

    Desiree Zerquera

    Elissa Salas

    Elvira Gomez

  • F-L

    Iris Garcia

    Jacqueline Martinez Garcel

    Jess Tatiana Cornejo Flores

    Josephine Ramos (Josie)

    Kelly Gonzalez

    Kimberly Munoz

    Laura Ornelas

    Lauri Valerio

    Laura Fernandez

    Lisa Villarreal

  • M-Z

    Maria Cecilia Jara

    Marielle Lorenz

    Paola Cubias

    Patricia Murillo

    Rebeca Diaz

    Renee Torres

    Vanessa Lujan

    Viviana Rennella

    Wendy Sanchez

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About the Latino Giving Circle Network

The Latino Giving Circle Network is the largest network of Latinx philanthropists in the country. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, we are part of a united movement inspired by the power of giving and civic engagement. The funding from these Giving Circles supports grassroots Latinx-led nonprofits, working on the frontlines with Latinx youth and families. These emerging community-rooted organizations are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy. We exist to change that. Learn more about the Network here.