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The Bay Area Men’s Latino Giving Circle is a circle of men rooted in mentorship, accountability, and action. The San Francisco Men’s and East Bay Men’s circles merged to focus on investing in the support and development of Latino young men. This group loves to connect via Happy Hours and they show up for each other– personally and professionally. This circle believes in the power of mentorship, alongside flexible grantmaking, they have hosted two Youth Leadership Conferences where they share their personal experiences with machismo, overcoming obstacles by leaning on their culture, and creating a path for professional growth.
They focus on growing their own leadership by serving on organizational boards and acting as professional mentors to one another.

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Words from Members

  • I love that a cross generational group of men are coming together to support our communities in need as we in turn connect with one another to create the change we want to see in the world.

    Abel Guillén -
  • Coming together with a diverse Giving Circle of men provides an opportunity to make a tangible impact for our communities most in need.

    Abel Guillen - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • The empathy and generosity of the group is inspiring!

    Felix Flores - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I’m constantly inspired by this network of bright, driven, and compassionate Latinos working together to drive positive change in our local community. Proud to be a part of LCF and the Bay Area Men’s Latino Giving Circle for several years now and grateful for the connections and bonds being fostered. Together, we are unstoppable.

    Alberto Rocha - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I’m inspired to see so many Latinos helping each other to move forward!

    Angel Chavez - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I enjoy giving to community groups that are helping those in need!

    Arturo J Gonzalez - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love the building of community!

    Juan Oldham - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • I love helping my fellow Latinos succeed.

    Jorge Madrigal - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • The members of the Giving Circle have provided me with a valuable resource of opportunities that have benefited my community, my family and myself during various occasions.

    Carlos Noe Saavedra - Bay Area Men's Latino
  • My Giving Circle has given me the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other successful Latinos, that I would have otherwise not met, that are invested in supporting our community.

    Ernesto Martinez - Bay Area Men's Latino

Our Current Grantees


2021 Meetings

This Year’s Giving Timeline: February 9  |  May 13  |  September 16

Giving Circles have three official grantmaking meetings with LCF staff – from helping define funding priorities to meeting with nonprofit organizations. Throughout the year, Giving Circles also host socials, and members are invited to join network wide events, including the LGCN Retreat. Interested in attending a meeting? Contact us here.


  • Lead Members

    Angel V. Chavez

    Anthony Chavez

    Ernesto Martinez

  • A-E

    Alberto Rocha

    Abel Guillen

    Alex Alvarez

    Arnoldo Avalos

    Arturo Gonzalez

    Carlos Noe Saavedra

    Chris Torres

    Edward Lopez

  • F-L

    Fabian Gonzalez

    Feliciano Vera

    Felix Flores

    Francisco Perez

    Fred Blackwell

    George Madrigal

    Guillermo Vazquez

    Heliodoro Moreno

    Joel Moreno

    Jose Lara Cruz

    Juan Kanagui

    Juan Oldham

    Lawrence Flores

    Lou Miramontes

    Luis Nanes

    Lupe Poblano

  • M-Z

    Mark Luevano

    Steve Franco

    Tomas Quiñonez-Riegos

    Will Parish

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About the Latino Giving Circle Network

The Latino Giving Circle Network is the largest network of Latinx philanthropists in the country. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, we are part of a united movement inspired by the power of giving and civic engagement. The funding from these Giving Circles supports grassroots Latinx-led nonprofits, working on the frontlines with Latinx youth and families. These emerging community-rooted organizations are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy. We exist to change that. Learn more about the Network here.