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Pride, fun and community-building are the essential ingredients of the LGBTQ Latinx Giving Circle. They epitomize the spirit of welcome through their hosting happy hours and fundraising events in partnership with local gay bars. They use social events to build a stronger, more connected Latinx queer community and raise resources for LGBTQ Latinx organizations.

Our LGBTQ Circle is a critical partner to Latino Community Foundation in helping us fulfill our mission of inclusion and acceptance for our LGBTQ folks. In 2020, they helped us host a Dismantling Transphobia series to lift up the need for acceptance and understanding around gender and identity in the larger Latinx community. This online teach-in was actually our largest virtual event of 2020 aside from the Gala.

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Funding Priorities


Supporting Trans Lives

Words from Members

  • I love being empowered to make a positive direct impact on the lives of Latinxs and the sense of community built with my fellow Giving Circle members.

    Melissa Diaz-Infante - LGBTQ Latinx
  • Being part of the LGBTQ LatinX Giving Circle has showed me that joining efforts with like-minded folks can bring true and real impact to our community. Joining the Giving Circle has been one of the best decisions ever!

    Jorge Vargas - LGBTQ Latinx
  • “La Fiesta Del Millon” – the party of a million dollars. In December 2018, the Latino Community Foundation Giving Circle network celebrated an incredible milestone – collectively, we had invested $1M in Latino-led nonprofits in California since the giving circle network started a few years ago. This was a few short months after I joined the LGBTQ+ Latinx giving circle. This celebration helped me feel the impact we could make with our individual monthly contributions of just $84. It was a magical and deeply moving experience. In the span of a few months, I became a philanthropist. With our small monthly donations, with the help of our community and our network, we were making a huge positive impact in our local Latinx communities. It was life changing.

    Camille Alfaro-Martell - LGBTQ Latinx
  • I love the ability to show my might in helping my community.

    Richard Perez - LGBTQ Latinx
  • Being part of the Latino Community Foundation LGBTQ Giving Circle has been transformative, as it has been a space of mutual support and inspiration to dream big about what is possible for our community, take action in supporting these dreams, and build relationships with other passionate members.

    Veronica Pugin - LGBTQ Latinx

Our Current Grantees


2021 Meetings

This Year’s Giving Timeline: March 18  |  June 17  |  October 21

Giving Circles have three official grantmaking meetings with LCF staff – from helping define funding priorities to meeting with nonprofit organizations. Throughout the year, Giving Circles also host socials, and members are invited to join network wide events, including the LGCN Retreat. Interested in attending a meeting? Contact us here.


  • Lead Members

    Nancy Angel-Hurtado

  • A-E

    Adan Gutierrez- Gallegos

    Alex Sanchez

    Ana Rescate

    Anna Gagliuffi

    Anthony Morin

    Arturo Reyes

    Audra Marshall

    Braulio Garcia

    Camille Alfaro-Martell

    Carlos Aguilar

    Chris Gravett

    Daniela Dominguez

  • F-L

    Francisco Buchting

    Joey Castaneda

    Jorge Vargas

  • M-Z

    Maritza Martinez

    Melissa Diaz-Infante

    Olga Talamante

    Pedro Arista

    Richard Perez

    Roberto Ordenana

    Veronica Pugin

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About the Latino Giving Circle Network

The Latino Giving Circle Network is the largest network of Latinx philanthropists in the country. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, we are part of a united movement inspired by the power of giving and civic engagement. The funding from these Giving Circles supports grassroots Latinx-led nonprofits, working on the frontlines with Latinx youth and families. These emerging community-rooted organizations are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy. We exist to change that. Learn more about the Network here.