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Imagine walking into a family reunion. Loud laughter, big pours of wine, delicious food, and hugs. That’s what you get when you join the Peninsula Latina Giving Circle, a community of vibrant and successful women living in the Bay Area Peninsula stretching from South San Francisco to San Jose. When you join this Circle, you are welcomed into a place that feels like family. Meetings are usually hosted in the homes of circle members and center around food, laughter, conversation, and grantmaking. This Circle is bilingual and many grantees have presented in Spanish.

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Year Established

Funding Priorities

Early Childhood Education

Mental Health

Social Justice

Words from Members

  • Empowering to be in community with such brilliant, resilient and powerhouse Latina women.

    Denise Dautoff -
  • My LCF Giving Circle helped my family expand our giving in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Not only do we feel more impactful with our charitable contributions, we feel connected to our community in ways we never could have imagined.

    Kelly Hunt - Peninsula Latina
  • I love being able to help our community directly!

    Elizabeth Gomez - Peninsula Latina
  • I love getting involved in our community!

    Macarena Sosnik - Peninsula Latina
  • There is nothing more powerful or fun than giving together with people that you love and respect! We have build strong bonds with each other and with our nonprofit partners; we are unstoppable!

    Sara Lomelin - Peninsula Latina
  • Being part of a Giving Circle is important: by joining with more people my dollars can go further, and we see the results of our investments in the community where we live and work. We decide as a group what are our priorities, and then it is super hard to decide where to invest – there is so much need! I have met wonderful women who are strong, kind, wise, and fun. And yes, I count them as friends.

    Bego Lozano - Peninsula Latina
  • Through LCF, I met Sammy Nuñez, E.D., Fathers & Families of San Joaquin who shared a quote from his grandmother, especially meaningful in our LGCN work: “Nada para nosotros. Todo para todos.”

    Lili Peña - Peninsula Latina
  • I love the “Hermandad” and bond with my fellow circle members and really enjoy voting with the circle on which organizations to invest our funds.

    Maria O'Hollearn - Peninsula Latina

Our Current Grantees


2021 Meetings

This Year’s Giving Timeline: February 5  |   May 6  |  September 9

Giving Circles have three official grantmaking meetings with LCF staff – from helping define funding priorities to meeting with nonprofit organizations. Throughout the year, Giving Circles also host socials, and members are invited to join network wide events, including the LGCN Retreat. Interested in attending a meeting? Contact us here.


  • Lead Members

    Ana Meiswinkel

    Karen Toledo

    Sara Lomelin

  • A-E

    Anna Bellinghausen

    Bego Lozano

    Cynthia Litchi

    Denise Dautoff

    Diana Albarran

    Dominique Sierra

    Elizabeth Gomez

  • F-L

    Kelly Hunt

    Krytzia Dabdoub

    Laurel Miranda

    Lilian Peña

    Lorena Chatterjee

  • M-Z

    Macarena Sosnik

    Maria Frantz

    Maria O’Hollearn

    Mariza Mancera Soss

    Martha Falkenberg

    Michelle Fowler

    Miriam Yupanqui

    Veronica Ramirez

    Veronica Rodriguez

    Victoria Sanchez De Alba

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About the Latino Giving Circle Network

The Latino Giving Circle Network is the largest network of Latinx philanthropists in the country. From Baby Boomers to Millennials, CEOs to emerging professionals, immigrants to US-born, Latinos and non-Latinos, we are part of a united movement inspired by the power of giving and civic engagement. The funding from these Giving Circles supports grassroots Latinx-led nonprofits, working on the frontlines with Latinx youth and families. These emerging community-rooted organizations are often overlooked by traditional philanthropy. We exist to change that. Learn more about the Network here.