Philip Herrera, Program and Policy Fellow


Twitter: @latinocommfdn


Philip Herrera is a San Francisco native advocate for health equity and Latino community empowerment in the Bay Area. 

In his role as Program and Policy Fellow, he assists with the LCF grantmaking cycle by conducting research, creating grant dockets, and ensuring due diligence for all donor-advised Latino Giving Circle Network™ grants.  Furthermore, Philip is creating California’s first statewide database of all Latino-led nonprofit organizations, reinforcing LCF’s commitment to building a Latino-led philanthropic movement.

In addition to his fellowship at LCF, Philip currently serves as the Health Advocate Program Manager at the University of California San Francisco.  The program strives to achieve greater public health equity through addressing social determinants of health and connecting families to local community resources.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Philip wants to dedicate his career to giving back to the local Bay Area communities in need of advocacy. Philip has a background in health administration and international law. He graduated with a B.A. in English and Music from Santa Clara University, and enjoys playing the bass. Philip is bilingual and has spent extensive time studying and exploring culture and the arts in Cuba, graduating from the Conservatorio de Esteban Salas and La Escuela Nacional de Artes.