Ricardo Jara, Senior Communications Director

Twitter: @latinocommfdn


Amplifying the stories and power of our community has been at the core of Ricardo’s leadership and life’s work. And, it’s the essence of his mission as LCF’s Senior  Communications Director.

From his earliest days as a high school history teacher educating, inspiring and mobilizing through storytelling, to his role as a system level leader making space in boardrooms for the stories and experiences of those often overlooked by the system, Ricardo is continually inspired by the power of our community’s stories in bridging genuine human connection and sparking revolutionary change.

Fueled by a righteous indignation and fierce commitment to serving the most marginalized communities and battling white supremacy, Ricardo brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over 14 years serving in a variety of leadership roles. As a program and school leader in Los Angeles and Oakland, he worked alongside community members to conceive and actualize bold visions of powerful educational opportunities for students. As a school district leader in Madison, Wisconsin, he mobilized and unified a diverse community coalition in service to the community’s youth put most at risk by the system. Through it all, Ricardo has leveraged a raw and authentic visual and oral storytelling style to galvanize individuals, groups, and organizations into action.

Recently, Ricardo served as Special Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Superintendent of Schools in Madison, Wisconsin, leading as an “air traffic controller” for this district’s communication and strategic efforts. Among other key responsibilities, Ricardo strove to ensure the district’s internal and external communication systems and overall narrative were aligned to its core values, strategic vision, and ultimately in service to thousands of students, families, and staff.

Ricardo is a proud Zacetecano son and brother, first generation “everything”, Southeast L.A. native, and former member of the community college academic probation club (not a real club). He earned an Associate of Arts in History from Pasadena City College, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cal State Fullerton, and a Master of Education from UCLA. Most recently, Ricardo earned a doctorate in Education Leadership (Ed.L.D) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In his free time, Ricardo absolutely loves spending time envisioning just and beautiful worlds (and bringing them to fruition when, where and however he can), drawing inspiration from great films, refining his skincare routines, and stuffing his face with the culinary delicacies of his motherland (often with the use of a trusty comal) in the company of loved ones.