California is at a tipping point. In the midst of economic uncertainty and the ongoing fight against COVID-19, now more than ever we must safeguard our rights to a high-quality education and to live in thriving neighborhoods where every resident can prosper.


The Schools & Communities First Initiative is a ballot measure that will appear on the November 2020 ballot. If approved, it will reclaim $12 billion annually for public schools, community colleges, health clinics, housing, and other vital social services needed for our communities.

This ballot will reform Proposition 13 (1978) by taxing commercial and industrial properties at fair market prices, rather than their original sales price, while maintaining tax protections for residential properties. All newly generated revenue from this revised tax system would be distributed to schools and local governments.

California has slid to 41st in the nation in per-pupil spending putting a severe strain on students, families and teachers. For the last 40 years, Latino communities across the state have seen low levels of investment because of corporate tax loopholes that deny our communities their rightful share of resources.


Latinos are California’s present, and their success will determine the future of our state. Our mission is to unleash the civic and economic power of Latinos in California. Supporting the Schools & Communities First Initiative is a necessary step to increase public investment into Latino communities. Every Latino across our state deserves robust educational and social service systems that places our community on the pathway towards success. This means more resources for teachers and support staff, as well as greater resources for clinics, parks, and emergency services. Our economy depends on it.

And our community agrees. In a recent March 2020 poll commissioned by the Latino Community Foundation and Univision News, 80% of registered Latino voters would support this initiative.

We stand with our Latino community in their moment of need. Will you join us?

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